Many Windows users report that the error message “d3dx9_42.dll is missing or Not Found” pops up when they try to execute a game or program that is graphically demanding. This error seems to be related to the Windows DirectX utility. Here are the reasons why this issue may surface:

  • DirectX files might be corrupted.
  • A third-party software might interfere with DirectX.
  • The aforementioned file might actually be missing.

Here are the fixes we have scoured the depths of the internet for.

Fix# 1 – Install d3dx9_42.dll File
If Windows says that d3dx9_42.dll is missing, the file might actually be missing. Shocking, yeah? This is how to install the aforementioned file:

  • Launch your browser and search for the Client from
  • Install the application and run it.
  • Type the file you want in the search bar and select the Search for DLL file button.
  • Click install on this file.
  • Now check if you can launch the software that caused this error to see if the issue is resolved.

Fix# 2 – Install DirectX End-User Runtime
DirectX End-User Runtime contains the more ancient types of DirectX, like DirectX 9 or earlier. You can install this software by following these steps:

  • Search for the End User Runtimes in your browser and download it from the official Microsoft site.
  • Pick a language and hit the Download button.
  • Follow the onscreen instructions when you launch the software and finish the installation.
  • Now see if this issue is fixed.

Fix# 3 – Install Updates

d3dx9_42.dll Is Missing error might be more noticeable in Windows 8 or under systems, and a software glitch might cause this issue. Microsoft is all over this issue, and they have launched a patch for this problem, which you can easily download using the Microsoft Catalog. Several previous updates of Windows are accessible through the Microsoft Catalog. This service allows you to access Microsoft software updates, hotfixes, and drivers. Microsoft Catalog can easily help you install an update. If Windows update KB4012598 is not installed on Windows 11, users can install it from Microsoft Catalog and run it on their system. So, follow the below steps;

  • Search for the Microsoft Update Catalog on the internet. Now open the official website.
  • Now go to the search bar and type KB4012598, and press Enter.
  • Click on Download, click on the Link of an update, and install it in your system.

It should install the required update. This should fix the error.

Fix# 4 – Uninstall 3rd Party Antiviruses

d3dx9_42.dll Is Missing error has been reported to be caused by some antiviruses repeatedly. These antiviruses might cause some critical OS functions to be blocked completely, causing the aforementioned error code. Uninstalling these is not a horrible thing to do, as the barebones Windows Defender is mature enough at this point to get you through all the virus-related problems you might encounter.

Fix# 5 – Update GPU Driver

If Nvidia Experience fails to install your drivers automatically, you should try to see if a manual install negates this error. Many users report having fixed the Windows d3dx9_42.dll Is a Missing error whenever it rears its ugly head. Users infer that the manual download works because it doesn’t rely on Nvidia Experience to get the required files (it downloads them locally). To install the Nvidia Drivers manually, follow these steps:

  • Open your browser of choice and visit the Driver Download section of Nvidia’s page.
  • Go ahead and set the details according to your system and choose the required game-ready drivers to install after choosing your language.
  • Click the download button when the correct driver is selected and wait for the download to end.
  • Go ahead and click yes on the UAC Window that pops up.
  • Restart your PC one last time after the download is done.

That is all for our fixes for Windows d3dx9_42.dll is Missing Error. Also, check our hub for common PC errors if you encounter other errors with your PC or video games.

Driver Issues?

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