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How To Fix Windows Activation Error 0xC004F012


Many people report a Windows Activation problem, and dealing with this with the overflow of information on the internet is getting quite confusing. So, in this guide, we’ll be going over the 0xC004F012 Windows Activation Error and how to fix it.

Windows Activation Error 0xC004F012 Fixes You Can Try

Activation Error 0xC004F012 usually comes with an error message: “We can’t activate Windows on this device because you don’t have a valid digital license or product key”. There could be two possible reasons besides miscellaneous glitching, and it is either a corrupt license repository or an upgrade issue. Below we’ve gathered some fixes that have worked out for users facing the same problem as yours. So, try them out one by one and see which one works out for you.

Fix 1: SFC/DISM Scans

System File Checker and DISM scan can deal with file corruption by detecting them, highlighting them, removing them, and then replacing the files. Open the command prompt and run it as administrator. Once the CMD window appears, type sfc /scannow and hit enter; let the scan complete. Then type DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth and hit Enter to execute. Once done with the procedure, restart your PC and the Windows activation error will fix it.

Fix 2: Rebuild Activation Tokens

Many users report activation tokens are the heart of the 0xC004F012 error in Windows. This is because these files are an integral part of the Windows Activation process, and any corruption in them can result in errors. Navigate to the C:\Windows\System32\SPP\Store\2.0 directory. Once there, look for a tokens.dat file and right-click on it to rename it to tokens.old. After that, launch CMD as an administrator, type in the ‘net start sppsvc’ command and hit Enter to execute it. Then, type the ‘cscript.exe slmgr.vbs /rilc’ and hit Enter again to execute another command. Restart the PC two times, open the Windows Settings > System > Activation, and click on Troubleshoot. The troubleshooting will fix the Windows 0xC004F012 error.

Fix 3: Use CMD to Activate Windows

Since error 0xC004F012 is related to Windows Activation, then why not try to reactivate it through CMD? Follow these steps to activate your Windows using CMD. Open CMD as an administrator, type the ‘slmgr.vbs.ipk <product key>’ command and hit Enter. After that, type in the ‘slmgr.vbs/ato’ and hit Enter. After the process completes, close all open tabs, restart your computer, and Windows Activation error 0xC004F012 will be fixed.

Fix 4: Restart Startup Protection Service

If you’re still facing the Windows Activation Error 0xC004F012, we suggest you restart the startup service by going over to the Services settings through the run dialog by typing ‘services.msc’ and hitting Enter. Find Software Protection Service right-click it and click on Stop; wait for a second, right-click it again, and click on Start. Then, under the Startup Type drop-down menu, select the Automatic mode and apply the changes. Once done with the procedure, close all the tabs, restart your PC and the Windows Activation Error 0xC004F012 will be fixed.

The Error Code ‘0xC004F012: Windows Activation Problem’ can be a simple error to get around. Hopefully, the fixes we’ve mentioned helped you fix the issue. However, if the problem still bothers you, we suggest you reset your Windows as a last resort. If you are facing errors and issues with other PC games or your PC, then also see our hub for commonly occurring PC errors and their fixes.

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