Certain Windows 11 users face issues using File Explorer after installing the 22H2 update. Certain glitches in the system need attention. Nonetheless, we have created some solutions to the issue of File Explorer not working on Windows 11, which you can find by jumping to the fixes below.

Fix #1: Check For Any Pending Updates

Oftentimes, even after installing the 22H2 update on Windows 11, specific pending updates lead to File Explorer not working.

To search for and install any pending updates, follow the steps given next. First, simultaneously press the Windows and I keys to launch Settings. Then, click on Windows Update and the Check for updates button. When the scan is over, see if any pending updates were found. Install each of them, restart your computer, and launch File Explorer.

Fix #2: Clear All File Explorer Cache

Something that happens quite often, which leads to apps like File Explorer not work in Windows 11, is the accumulation of that app’s cache in the system. Therefore, you must get rid of it to launch the File Explorer app successfully. Open File Explorer and click on the three dots in the ribbon menu. Click on Options and then go to the General tab in the Folder options dialog. Then click on Clear. In the end, close the dialog and check if the File Explorer is facing any issues in running or not.

Fix #3: Update All Drivers

Another factor that leads to programs like File Explorer not working is outdated drivers. These drivers include Sound, Network, USB3, Bluetooth, and all other system drivers.

First, you’ll need to check whether your drivers are up-to-date. For that, you’ll need to visit your PC manufacturer’s website and compare the latest versions with the version/date installed for that device in Device Manager. After figuring out which drivers are outdated, now comes the time to update them. Launch Device Manager by searching it on the Windows taskbar. Then, look for the particular driver and right-click on it. Click on Update Driver. Then click on Search automatically for drivers. After the search is over, in case any update is found, follow the next onscreen instructions to finish up the process. If not, click on Let me pick from a list of available drivers on my computer.

Choose a recent driver version and install it. In the end, restart your computer, and hopefully, the File Explorer will work without any issues.

File Explorer and similar programs sometimes create issues when users try to launch them due to unresolved issues with the new Windows 11 updates. But it’s nothing to worry about as it is easily handled, as shown by the fixes above.

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