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Wildermyth Best Hunter Abilities Guide


Among the multiple classes in Wildermyth is the hunter class. If you are playing as the hunter you need to use the best abilities available in the game. In this guide, we will discuss everything you need to know about the best Wildermyth hunter abilities.

Wildermyth Best Hunter Abilities

If you use the right abilities for your hunter class you can turn it into the most effective class in combat. The skills we have picked out have a mix of everything; from melee to ranged combat.


Silkstep is a great ability for both ranged and melee hunter builds. You can use this ability to hide from all enemies by placing yourself in the grayplane. Keep in mind that it is an active ability is active and costs 1 hunter’s turn.


If you manage to kill an enemy, the hunter can be placed in the grayplane and hidden from all enemies. This skill is extremely useful if you are want to stay on the offense in Wildermyth.


If you are using the ranged hunter build make sure to have Ambush with you. It will help your hunter set traps for enemies to create chock points for enemies.

Crippling Strikes

Teach your hunter Cripplingg Strikes to deal with melee enemies wanting to get too close to you. If you manage to successfully hit an enemy, the enemy is hobbled for 1 turn.

Ember Arrows

Ember Arrows make your hunter’s ranged arrows shoot fire at enemies every time you are near a fire source. You can later upgrade Ember Arrows so that you don’t need to be near a fire for Ember Arrows.

And that’s everything you need to know about the best hunter abilities.

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