Wildermyth is a great game to play but if you are new to it then there are a couple of things that you need to keep in mind. In this Wildermyth beginner’s guide, we are going to go over some tips and tricks that are going to make the game easier.

Wildermyth Tips And Tricks

The following are the tips and tricks that we recommend you keep in mind when playing Wildermyth:

Hooks And Passive Bonuses

When you create a new character you can check out the history part of the character sheet. This is where you will find the origin story and the hooks. A character can get 2-3 hooks and a set of passive bonuses.

You can randomize the character sheet as many times as you want. This will allow you to get some rather decent passive bonuses. Hunters for example will perform much better with the Range Accuracy. Mystics can take advantage of Potency. You can reroll the character sheet until you get the hooks and passive bonuses that you want.

Legacy Points

Liberating a region from monsters is going to earn you 2 LP. Note that if the monsters come back and you liberate the region again, you will not get more LP. You can spend these points in different ways. You can recruit a new hero, which is going to cost you 3 LP. You can also recruit a legacy hero, which is going to cost 4+ LP. Canceling an incursion is going to cost you 5 LP. Canceling a timed calamity is going to cost 1 LP.


These are the cards that are added to the enemy faction. This adds a new monster or upgrades an existing one. A card is drawn at the end of each fight. This does not depend on you winning or losing. Furthermore, extra calamities are drawn at different intervals depending on the difficulty setting of the campaign. You can dispell these by spending Legacy Points.

Charisma and Tenacity

These are character stats that have a passive effect on story choice dice rolls. Higher stats means positive outcomes. The duration of the positive outcome can range from being event-specific or fight-specific.

Crossing Rivers And Mountains

At times you will not be able to move across mountains or rivers. When that happens you can click on the body of water in order to build a permanent bridge. The same is the case for mountains where you can dig a pass. These are time-consuming tasks so we recommend going around the block when possible.

Making The Most Of Stun

Stun gives you critical hit change that does extra damage. This depends on the tier of your weapon. You can increase the chance of stun by taking advantage of hero relationships. Two friends positions side by side get +5 to +25 stun chance.

Be Weary Of Where You Go

At times you might not see enemies but they are going to be there. As these enemies cannot be seen we recommend not using all of your movement by going into the unknown as you might not be able to retreat. The same goes for when you need to open a door. You should do so early on so that you can react according to what you find.

These are the tips and tricks that we recommend when you play Wildermyth.

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