We will discuss strategies to take down the Kemono known as the Spineglider in the Natsukodachi Isle in our guide to the Wild Hearts Spineglider Boss Fight Solo. This flying squirrel-like creature is a master of utilizing its surroundings to gain the upper hand. It uses the sacs on its tail to create mineral rocks to fire at you or create pillars to climb on.


This guide will discuss the Spineglider’s weaknesses, attacks, and the best equipment to defeat it. But be warned, Kemonos like the Spineglider and the Lavaback on this island are incredibly slippery, so it’s essential to be well-prepared before fighting them. If you’re ready to take on this challenging boss, let’s dive in.

  • Spineglider Location: Coral Salt Swamp, Natsukodachi Isle.
  • Attribute: Water
  • Attribute Weaknesses: Wood, Fire
  • Weak parts: Body, Head, Hind Legs
  • Physical Weakness: Pummel
  • Elemental Weakness: Nature, Fire
Spineglider Weaknesses, Strengths, Attribute Effectiveness, and Physical Effectiveness.

Best Weapons and Equipment to Use

When fighting the Spineglider, it is recommended to wear armor that provides resistance to the Water Attribute.

One excellent option for this fight is the Basara armor set, which can be crafted using Kingtusk materials and offers high innate and Water attribute defense. Additionally, upgrading this set to its Human-path can unlock some valuable skills.

You should use a weapon crafted from the Kingtusk or Ragetail lines to deal the most damage. However, as all damage types are more or less equally effective against the Spineglider, the choice of weapon type should be based on personal preference and playstyle.

How to Beat Spineglider Solo

  • Sever the Tail
  • Use Spring Karakuri
  • Use Bulwarks for Protection
  • Plant Star Bombs

Sever the Tail

Spineglider uses its huge tail to perform multiple attacks, including swinging it at you or filling the tail with water to shoot at you. Right from start, target the tail by rolling to the side to get behind it. It is also a weak point, so that you will be doing a lot of damage in the process. Once the tail is gone, half the boss fight is won because its attacks are now way less effective.

Use Spring Karakuri

Spring Karakuri Design

What is Spring Karakuri: Propels you in any desired direction. It can dodge attacks, target the enemy from above, and get you into a flanking position.

The Spring Karakuri can propel you in the air, allowing you to come down on Spineglider with your weapon. It makes it easier to target its belly and tail. It also makes it easier to get into a flank position behind Spineglider so you can target the tail and sever it as soon as possible during the boss fight. Remember to use Spring Karakuri during the enrage phase to get away from the Spineglider when it starts to jump around.

Use Bulwarks for Protection

Bulwark Karakuri Design

What is a Bulwark: It is used to countercharge attacks and protection from projectiles.

Bulwark proved highly effective against Ragetail and Sapscourge but can also help you beat the Spineglider. You can use it to block Spineglider’s projectiles and get breathing room to heal yourself. A Bulwark comes in handy during Spineglider’s enrage phase when it creates rock pillars and throws pallets at you.

Plant Star Bombs

Star Bomb Karakuri

Star Bombs can deal a ton of damage to the Spineglider. It takes some time to explode, but if you attack it or the creature touches it, the bomb will explode. Depending on your resources, plant as many Star Bombs throughout the boss fight. Bait Spineglider into attacking the Star Bombs.

Spineglider Rewards and Material Drops

Now that you know how to beat the Spineglider, take it down to get the following rewards:

  • Roaming Bard Kemono Blood
  • Small Zephyr Crystal
  • Spineglider Hide
  • Spineglider Claw
  • Rare Spineglider Brine
  • Roaming Bard Teardrops
  • Spineglider Horn
  • Spineglider Dripstone

That’s all we have on how to beat Spineglider in Wild Hearts. If you have more tips for readers, let us know in the comments below.