Sapscourge is a badass, Kemono is Wild Hearts and without a down, way tougher than Ragetail. Sapscourge is the second Kemono you face in the game and can do much more damage than Ragetail. You need to be prepared for the Sapscourge boss fight, and we are here to help. In this guide, let’s discuss everything you need to know about beating Sapscourge in Wild Hearts.

  • Attribute: Wood
  • Slash Effectiveness: 5
  • Pummel Effectiveness: 4
  • Weak parts: Head
  • Severable parts: Head, Tail, Tusks
  • Effective Attributes: Fire
  • Effective Ailments: Ablaze, Frozen, Entangled, Fatigue
  • Attribute Resistance: Wood, Water, Wind
Sapscourge Weaknesses, Strengths, Attribute Effectiveness, and Physical Effectiveness.

Best Weapons and Equipment to Use

Choosing armor with resistance to the Wood attribute will offer the most excellent protection. While Fire attribute weapons are most effective, they may not be accessible early on. It’s recommended to stick to your strongest weapon until then. For starters, the Fresh Fern set can be crafted using common materials found around Harugasumi Way.

If you need help deciding which weapon to use against the Sapscourge, consider selecting one that inflicts Slash damage, such as the Katana, Nodachi, or Wagasa, as they provide a slight advantage over other weapons.

How to Beat Sapscourge

  • Use Bulwark
  • Target the Head and Tail
  • Use Star Bomb
  • Sever the Tail
  • Restock via Thread Loots
  • Avoid Lunge Attack

Use Bulwark

Bulwark Design

What is a Bulwark: A defensive Karakuri used to counter charge attacks.

Bulwark is the best Fusion Karakuri to use against Sapscourge. A basic Karakuri was enough to stop and stun Ragetail, but it won’t work against Sapscourge. Use Bulwark to stun the boss and land a few hits. Bulwark will also provide protection whenever you want to heal yourself. If you successfully stun Sapscourge, use a Katana, Nodachi, or Wagasa to target its head and tail. You can also use Shield Wall Karakuri, but at this early in the game, you might not have access to it.

Target the Head and Tail

Sapscourge is weak on its head and tail, so this is where you can do the most damage. The Bulwark comes in handy here to stun him. You can roll to the side to avoid the rolling attack. If done right, you’ll find yourself near its tail and stomach—land 3-5 hits before backing out into a defensive position.

Use Star Bomb

What is Star Bomb: A powerful bomb with great damage and wide range. It takes some time to explode but does so immediately if attacked.

If you have access to the Star Bomb Fusion Karakuri, you can place it in front of you and wait for Sapscourge to charge forward. When it gets close enough, you can bait Sapscourge into attacking the Star Bomb. The bomb will not only deal a ton of damage but also stuns the creature. Star Bomb can help quickly beat Sapscourge in Wild Hearts.

Sever the Tail

To limit the Sapscourge’s attack range, similar to the Ragetail, severing its tail is possible. Though less crucial than with the Ragetail, it’s still a worthwhile tactic. However, doing so comes at a cost: if you’re looking to inflict the most damage, you should concentrate your attacks on the head. But if your priority is to reduce the Sapscourge’s danger, you should start by targeting its tail.

Restock via Thread Loots

Plenty of Threads is required to beat Sapscourge in Wild Hearts because you’ll need to build Bulwarks and other types of Karakuri. Use Hunter Vision to locate nearby resources and restock whenever you run out. It is best to collect them all before the fight begins.

Avoid Lunge Attack

During its second phase, the Sapscourge makes its most dangerous move. You see it rise, clasp its hands together, and charge at you. If the attack connects, you’ll be held in its grasp for several seconds and suffer severe damage that can deplete most of your health. It’s vital to stay vigilant and anticipate this move. Use a Spring or slide away quickly if you see the Sapscourge winding up for this attack.

Sapscrouge Rewards and Materials Drops

Now that you know how to beat Sapscourge, take it down to get the following rewards:

  • Young Warrior Teardrops
  • Young Warrior Kemono Blood
  • Rare Sapscourge Sap
  • Small Plum Scent Crystal
  • Sapscourge Amber (Sap Sacs)
  • Sapscourge Tail (Tail)
  • Sapscourge Leaf Beard (Head)
  • Sapscourge Horn (Head

That’s everything we have on how to beat Sapscrouge; if you have more tips for our readers, leave them in the comments below.

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