As one of the most formidable enemies in the game, this crow-like creature is surrounded by a deadly miasma that can corrode and eat away at its prey over time. But with the right strategies and tactics, it is possible to emerge victorious and claim the rewards that come with defeating this powerful foe.

In this guide, we’ll take you through everything you need to know to prepare for the Wild Hearts Fumebeak Boss Fight, including tips and tricks for overcoming its deadly attacks and emerging victorious. So sharpen your weapons, fortify your defenses, and get ready to face one of the most challenging battles in the game.

  • Fumebeak Location: Harugasumi Way and Fuyusagi Fort
  • Attribute: Wind
  • Weak parts: Head, Wings, Body
  • Physical Weakness: Lunge
  • Elemental Weakness: Earth

Best Weapons and Equipment to Use

Once you defeat your first Fumbeak in the game, you’ll unlock the ability to craft anti-toxin armor. This armor can be particularly useful in battles against stronger Fumbeak variants, so it’s recommended to craft it before facing them.

But for the first boss fight, you won’t have much protection against the toxins. However, you learn how to build the repeater crossbow karakuri, which will help you successfully ground the Fumebeak.

How to Beat Fumebeak Solo

  • Target the Head
  • Use Bulwark
  • Wait for Attack Intervals
  • Avoid Follow Up Attacks

When you face the Fumebeak, be prepared for a range of poisonous and spinning attacks, lunges, and a formidable command grab. The creature tends to stay airborne, but there’s a silver lining: during the fight, you’ll have a moment of inspiration that will allow you to create a repeater crossbow using a glider-stake-glider combination.

This weapon is particularly effective against the Fumebeak when airborne, enabling you to take it down quickly and counterattack. With the repeater crossbow, you’ll have a significant window to strike back, leaving the Fumebeak vulnerable

Target the Head

If you’re looking to attack a Fumebeak, the most vulnerable area is its head which happens to be the softest part of its body. A good opportunity to strike is when the creature dives or crashes into the ground, leaving it disoriented and vulnerable. Additionally, targeting its head with melee weapons can cause damage to other parts of its body due to its medium size.

Use Bulwark

Set up the Bulwark

Bulwark Karakuri will always be your friend in every Kemono boss fight. Set it up to protect yourself from Fumebeak’s attacks and have enough breathing room to heal yourself. The bulwark karakuri is an ideal defense against the Fumebeak’s sweeping or diving attacks, as it has a strong likelihood of stunning the creature and keeping it incapacitated for a significant duration.

Wait for Attack Intervals

The best time to attack Fumebeak is in between its attacks. Every attack has a small interval where the Fumebeak becomes idle, providing you with a chance to strike it without the risk of being counterattacked.

Note: Each of the Fumebeak’s moves will fill up a bar beside your stamina bar that indicates a poison debuff; once you hit the max of that bar, you’re going to lose HP periodically as a result of the poison debuff.

The Fumebeak possesses a diverse range of moves that must be considered, but its spinning maneuver is one of its most challenging attacks to dodge. To avoid this attack, it is essential to remain out of the creature’s reach, and the glider may be utilized to evade the move completely.

Nevertheless, avoiding damage becomes extremely difficult if you’re caught in the initial few hits of the spinning move. In its rage mode, the Fumebeak’s attacks become even quicker, and its dives leave a poisonous trail that serves as an active hitbox capable of causing lethal damage.

Avoid Follow Up Attacks

Most Fumebeak attacks have a follow-up, so the best way to deal with this situation is to dodge or slide forward to avoid any follow-up swipe attacks.

Fumebeak Rewards and Material Drops

After beating the Fumebeak Claw, you can expect the following rewards to drop:

  • Fumebeak Bill
  • Fumebeak Toxic Lung
  • Fumebeak Tail Feather
  • Fumebeak Skin
  • Fumebeak Claw
  • Fumebeak Wing
  • Fumebeak Remex

That’s all you need to know on how to beat Fumebeak in Wild Hearts.

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