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How to Defeat Kingtusk in Wild Hearts (Solo and Party)


One of the hardest early-game bosses in Wild Hearts is a massive boar named Kingtusk. A lot of new players struggle against this beast as it deals a lot of damage, has insane range, and can be fairly unpredictable. In this Wild Hearts guide, we have shared some tips that will help you easily defeat Kingtusk both in solo and party-play.

Preparing Yourself

The importance of preparation in a game like Wild Hearts cannot be undermined. Diving headfirst in a battle without preparation is a recipe for disaster, especially with your starting equipment. There are some tips to help you out here:

  1. Craft the Fresh Fern Sune-ate set if possible as it provides you with +7 Defense per piece.
  2. Upgrading your weapon is another thing you need to consider regardless of what weapon you want to use.
  3. Coming to your choice of weapon, it hardly matters. Bow, Katana, etc. are all decent options.
  4. If possible, try to eat before the battle as it will provide you various types of boosts including HP, Defense, Crit. chance, etc.
  5. Having your Tsukmo by your side is also a viable strategy as it will distract the Kingtusk, allowing you to reposition, heal, etc.
  6. Lastly, make sure to stockpile on healing items to help you out in a pinch.

Identify Weakpoints

Kingtusk is a massive creature so you will have plenty of room to put some hits in. There are, however, some spots that are better than others. For instance, its head has a 5-star softness rating which makes it the most ideal spot to deal damage. On the other side of the spectrum, its tusks have a softness rating of only 1-star so try to avoid if possible. Everything else has a rating of 3-star. Aside from this, you will also have an opportunity to get a free hit in during the start of the battle so make sure to use your most powerful attack for some free damage.

Wild Hearts Kingtusk

Learning the Attacks

Kingtusk has a wide variety of attacks that you need to watch out for. A summary of these attacks is provided below:

  1. First, it is important to note that you are able to climb Kingtusk to destroy its glowing spots that deal a lot of damage.
  2. A lot of Kingtusk attacks involve its head. Whenever you see it do a head move, try to dash close to its hindlegs to avoid being hit.
  3. Kingtusk has a pounce attack in which it jumps twice. It is rather quick but if you are not standing directly underneath it, you should be okay.
  4. If you see Kingtusk raise its front-legs, try to head close to your hindlegs to avoid damage. It is possible that you will get stunned from the shockwave, however.
  5. Whenever you see Kingtusk shake its head rapidly, it will grow vines from the ground. Avoiding these vines is not hard if you are not directly standing on top of them. It is recommended that you try to close in the distance and land a few hits before backing away.
  6. Sometimes, it will rear back to perform a Charge Attack. Simply try to dash on the side to avoid it without any difficulty.
  7. It also has a head-swipe attack in which is swipes its head twice to deal some damage. If it does, it becomes vulnerable momentarily, allowing you to do some damage.
  8. Lastly, never endlessly mash buttons as it will lock you into an animation that is sometimes deadly.

Remember that these are not all the attacks but the most important ones. Other attacks are not too difficult to avoid and are well-telegraphed.

This is all we have on how to defeat Kingtusk in Wild Hearts. Be sure to see our detailed Wild Hearts wiki page for other tips and strategies.

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