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Borderlands 3 Best Vault Hunters Ranked For 2023


There are four Vault Hunters to choose from in Borderlands 3. These are FL4K, Zane, Moze, and Amara. Each of these VHs bring his/her unique flair to the game and offers a highly distinguished playstyle as opposed to the others. In this guide, we talk about all four of these Borderlands 3 Vault Hunters help you make your starting choice.

All Borderlands 3 Vault Hunters Ranked

As is the tradition with Borderlands games, each Vault Hunter offers a variety of skills that gives us, the players, total freedom to build our characters in multiple different ways. However, there are some VHs who do some things better when it comes to a specific playstyle. For instance, Moze is all about those big fiery explosions.

1. FL4K the Beastmaster

beastmaster is #1 character in Borderlands 3.

FL4K is an interesting character, thanks to its ability to bring one of its three pets to the combat zone. Each of these three pets at FL4K’s disposal has unique abilities that give it a lot of flexibility. Also, the canisters strapped around FL4K are not explosives but food for his pets. A bummer, I know!

FL4K has Hunter, Master, and Stalker skill trees that contain different abilities, allowing FL4K and its beloved pets to thwart anything and everyone in their path. The Vault Hunter also heavily relies on critical hits, buffs/debuffs, controlling the combat zone, and using its pets to charge in battle.

  • Class: The Beast Master
  • Action Skills: Fade Away, Rakk Attack, Gamma Burst, Gravity Snare
  • Background: FL4K served under the command of the Grand Archivist before acquiring self-awareness and a “thirst for murder”. This led FL4K to roam the galaxy seeking self-discovery. Along the way, FL4K gained animal companions, which are integral to their skills and combat style.
  • Gameplay and Skills:
    • Stalker Tree: Inspired by Zer0, this tree is associated with the monkey-like Jabber companion. Key skills include Fade Away (invisibility), Self-Repairing System (health regeneration), and Guerillas in the Mist (attack multiple times during Fade Away). The pet evolves into a stronger form, and the tree focuses on long-range combat.
    • Hunter Tree: Suited for players who liked Mordecai. It’s centered around critical hits and the Spiderant companion. Key skills include Interplanetary Stalker (increased damage after each kill) and Leave No Trace (chance to add a bullet back into the gun on critical hits). The tree enhances FL4K’s abilities as a sniper.
    • Master Tree: Focuses on the dog-like Skag companion and mid- to close-range combat. The Gamma Burst skill teleports and mutates the pet into a more powerful form. Key skills include Ferocity (increases pet’s attack power) and Dominance (control enemies with a melee attack).

FL4K is designed for solo play, utilizing pets for assistance and revival. Their playstyle integrates aspects from previous Vault Hunters like Mordecai and Zer0, favoring long-range sniping and critical damage. FL4K’s pets are essential to their combat effectiveness, with each pet offering different advantages, especially against many of the game’s bosses.

2. Zane the Operative

Zane is ranked #2 character in Borderlands 3.

While FL4K relies on his pet-buddies, Zane the Operative does it with technology. Zane has plenty of gadgets and his Sentinel Drone in his arsenal that he uses to disrupt, confuse, and wreak havoc on the combat zone. His Action Skills include an SNTNL drone that destroys enemies with a machine gun.

There’s also a deployable Barrier Shield and a Digi-Clone that lets him damage enemies and teleport to a new location if need be. Being the only Vault Hunter that can equip two Action Skills but doing this take away his ability to use grenades during the battle.

However, if built correctly, Zane can benefit from a variety of buffs and abilities in place of grenades. Zer0 mains from Borderlands 2 will feel right at home when it comes to Assassins in Borderlands 3 thought their playstyles differ.

  • Class: Zane is known as the Operative class in Borderlands 3.
  • Action Skills: Zane has a unique ability to equip two action skills simultaneously, sacrificing the use of grenades.

Skill Trees

  1. Doubled Agent:
    • Digi-Clone: Summons a holographic decoy to distract and shoot at enemies, and can switch places with Zane.
    • Key Skills:
      • Synchronicity: Increases gun damage for every active action skill.
      • Quick Breather: Begins shield recharging upon swapping with the decoy.
      • Old-U: Provides instant revival by swapping with the decoy.
      • Dopplebanger: Allows the decoy to explode, causing splash damage.
    • Playstyle: This tree is suitable for solo play and is focused on creating distractions and dealing damage indirectly​​.
  2. Hitman:
    • SNTNL Drone: Summons a drone that assists in combat.
    • Key Skills:
      • Violent Speed/Momentum: Increases Zane’s movement speed and gun damage.
      • Cool Hand: Boosts reload speed on enemy kills.
    • Playstyle: The Hitman tree is useful early in the game but loses effectiveness later. It’s ideal for a more agile and fast-paced combat style​​.
  3. Under Cover:
    • Barrier: Creates a force field for defense and can amplify attack power.
    • Key Skills:
      • Adrenaline: Reduces action skill cooldown.
      • Hearty Stock/Ready For Action: Increases shield capacity and recharge rate.
      • Nanites Or Some Shite/All-Rounder: Provides health regeneration and converts the Barrier into a dome.
      • Deterrence Field/Distributed Denial: Adds offensive capabilities to the Barrier.
    • Playstyle: This tree focuses on defense and becomes more effective as the game progresses. It’s ideal for players who want a balance of offense and defense​​.

General Playstyle

Zane is a versatile character with a focus on agility, deception, and strategic positioning. His ability to use two action skills offers a unique playstyle, allowing players to adapt to various combat situations. Zane is particularly effective in solo play but also brings valuable skills to team play.

3. Moze the Gunner

Moze the gunner is ranked #3 character in Borderlands 3.

Moze and her bipedal tank known as the Iron Bear can probably hold off an entire army without breaking a sweat. A soldier from Vladof’s Ursa Corps., Moze is all about utilizing powerful weapons on the Iron Bear to cut through the enemies. If you don’t believe me, here’s what the Iron Bear packs in BL3: mounting high-velocity railguns, rapid-firing miniguns, semi-automatic grenade launchers, flamethrowers, pneumatic fists, and homing rocket launchers.

Moze’s Iron Bear greatly complements both solo and co-op playstyles. You can build Moze’s character in a way that will enable Iron Bear to remain on the field for a short while. In co-op scenarios, you can have a buddy take control of Iron Bear.

Another fun aspect of Moze is instead of Action Skills, you get to choose the weapons to equip on the Iron Bear. You can pick upto three weapons at any given time, two of which can be assigned to the Iron Bear. These can be different weapons or the same type of weapons.

You’ll also get a nice, little buff if you decide to go with the same weapon type on the mech. If you like explosions and big guns, you can’t go wrong with Moze in BL3.

  • Class: Gunner
  • Playstyle: Moze is a combat veteran who relies on her Iron Bear mech suit to deal substantial damage and withstand enemy attacks. She’s capable of dishing out and enduring significant damage, both alone and inside her Iron Bear​​.

Skill Trees

  1. Demolition Woman:
    • Focuses on splash damage and grenade spam.
    • Iron Bear Weapons: Grenade Launcher, Rockets.
    • Key Skills: Auto-Bear (Iron Bear remains active after exiting), To The Last (throw grenades in Fight for Your Life mode), Deadlines (reduces Iron Bear’s fuel usage), Stainless Steel Bear (increases Iron Bear’s armor and fuel).
    • Playstyle: Suited for explosive and high-damage play​​​​.
  2. Shield of Retribution:
    • Focuses on high survivability and shield strength.
    • Iron Bear Weapons: Railgun, Bear Fist.
    • Key Skills: Selfless Vengeance (increases damage at the cost of health), Armored Infantry (increases gun damage and damage resistance), Vladof Ingenuity (increases maximum shields and shock resistance).
    • Playstyle: Ideal for players focusing on defense and survivability​​.
  3. Bottomless Mags:
    • Focuses on ammo regeneration and continuous firing.
    • Iron Bear Weapons: Minigun, Flamethrower.
    • Key Skills: Cloud Of Lead (incendiary damage and ammo saving), Matched Set (increases magazine capacity), Rushin’ Offensive (allows shooting while sprinting), Raging RPM’s (increases critical damage and fire rate).
    • Playstyle: Great for players who prefer non-stop action and maintaining a steady flow of damage​​.

General Playstyle

Moze’s playstyle revolves around her Iron Bear mech, which she uses to unleash heavy firepower. Depending on the chosen skill tree, she can either focus on explosive damage, high survivability, or continuous firing without the need for frequent reloads.

Her Iron Bear provides a strategic advantage in combat, allowing her to adapt to various battle situations while being able to absorb and deal considerable damage.

4. Amara the Siren

amara is ranked #4 character in Borderlands 3.

Amara is one of the six Sirens in the series. She’s a close-ranged character who likes to get in the face of enemies. Her Action Skills let her control the combat area while gaining advantages of her entire team.

She can augment all of her Action Skills. This will allow you to choose abilities from one skill tree and spec into a different Action Skill.

Skill Trees

  1. Enlightened Force:
    • Focuses on enhancing Amara’s elemental and melee abilities.
    • Skills like Trust in Yourself and No Mistakes in Nature boost her speed and melee damage, respectively.
    • Heavy Rain and Unweave the Rainbow increase her weapon’s projectile speed and elemental damage.
    • Combo Breaker and Burn Both Ends provide utility in combat, with the former potentially resetting action skill cooldowns and the latter drawing enemy attention​​.
  2. Brawl:
    • Geared towards improving Amara’s survivability and close-range combat.
    • One With Nature and Personal Space increase her health and damage resistance.
    • Clarity and Arms Deal offer constant health regeneration and enhanced splash damage.
    • Guardian Angel is a notable skill, granting a second wind upon entering a fight-for-your-life state​​.
  3. Mystical Assault:
    • Enhances Amara’s Rush stacks and action skills.
    • Do Harm and Violent Tapestry allow stacking of Rush for increased damage.
    • Alacrity and Transcend improve her reload speed and accuracy.
    • Avatar allows for action skill usage during cooldowns, offering continuous combat engagement​​.
  4. Fist of the Elements:
    • Specializes in elemental damage and control.
    • Anima and Steady Hands boost elemental damage and weapon handling.
    • Infusion and Tempest allow conversion of weapon damage to elemental types.
    • Sustainment provides life steal on elemental damage, crucial for longer battles​​.


  • Amara’s augments offer versatility in combat, such as Phaseflare for elemental damage and Glow Up for health regeneration​​.
  • Phaseslam, Fracture, and Fist Over Matter offer various ways to control and damage enemies in close quarters​​.
  • Phasecast and Tandava provide astral projections for ranged attacks​​.
  • Phasegrasp and its variants offer crowd control and damage distribution among multiple enemies​​.

Amara’s diverse skill set makes her a powerful Vault Hunter, particularly effective in dealing with large groups of enemies through her elemental and melee abilities. Her skills can be tailored for either aggressive offensive play or a more balanced approach, making her versatile for different playstyles.

If this is your first Borderlands game, you’ll have a ton of fun with Amara. And if you main-ed Maya in previous Borderlands, there isn’t a more obvious choice. Amara will let you relive those memories of trapping enemies in one place and beating them up.

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