Pokémon Sword and Shield: Where to Plant Carrot Seeds in Crown Tundra DLC

Where to Plant Carrot Seeds in Crown Tundra DLC

Carrots are one of the most important and essential elements for the Calyrex quest in Pokemon Sword and Shield: The Crown Tundra DLC. In this guide, we’ll explain everything you need to know about carrots and where to plant Carrot Seeds in the Crown Tundra DLC.

Carrots Seeds in the Crown Tundra DLC

While playing the Crown Tundra DLC, you’ll reach a point where Calyrex will ask you to find his loyal steed which is a horse Pokémon. Carrots are essential to summon Calyrex’s horse or steed and without that, you can’t progress in the Calyrex quest.

The place where you plant the Carrot Seeds is also important because you’ll get a different type of carrots depending on the place and eventually a different kind of horse for Calyrex.

Where to Buy Carrot Seeds?
To harvest some carrots, you obviously need some Carrot Seeds first. You can buy a bag of seeds from an old man standing beside the crops in Freezington, for a price of 8 Dynite Ores.

Where to Plant the Carrot Seeds?
You can’t plant the seeds right away if you’ve bought them as soon as you entered Freezington. You’ll need to at least progress with “Legendary Clue 1” or play into the quest until you learn about what the horse eats from Mayor’s house. You can buy the seeds early in the quest, however.

After acquiring the seeds, talk to Calyrex and he’ll show you 2 places where you can plant the seeds.

The first place is a graveyard field which can be found in the Giant’s Bed area. You can easily find it by looking for an area marked “Old Cemetery”. The second field is located in the “Snowslide Slope” which is past Giant’s bed to the north.

Planting seeds in the graveyard field will give you “Shaderoot” carrots which summon a black ghost-type steed named Spectrier. Whereas, planting seeds in the snowy field gives you “Iceroot” carrots which summon a white Ice-type steed named Glastier.

Don’t worry! You won’t have to wait for the carrots to grow. Calyrex will help you grow them instantly using his power, as soon as you plant them. Just make sure you plant them carefully in one of the two available areas, depending on the type of horse you want to capture in the end.

That’s everything we’ve got in where to plant Carrot Seeds in The Crown Tundra DLC. For more help on the game, you can check out our detailed Pokémon Sword and Shield wiki guides.

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