Fallout 76: Where To Get Tesla Rifle And Is It Good For Something


In “Fallout 76,” the Tesla Rifle is a remarkable and unique weapon, known for its unique ability to chain lightning between multiple enemies, making it highly effective in group combat situations. It is an energy weapon that uses electromagnetic waves to deal damage, firing energy cells as ammunition​​.

How To Get Tesla Rifle In Fallout 76

To add the Tesla Rifle to your arsenal in “Fallout 76,” start by purchasing the plans. These are obtainable from the Brotherhood of Steel Vendor Bot Phoenix located in Watoga Shopping Plaza. This is a common route many players, including myself, have taken. Sometimes, these plans might also be a rare drop from formidable foes like Deathclaws, offering an alternative way to acquire them.

watoga plaza location.

Unique Variant – Night Light: In 2019, a distinct variant of the Tesla Rifle, known as “Night Light,” was up for grabs as a reward during the game’s Survival Mode. This version stood out for its unique attributes and was a coveted item during the event.

Crafting at a Weapon Workbench: Once you have secured the plans for the Tesla Rifle, you can proceed to craft it at a Weapon Workbench located in your camp. However, be prepared; crafting this potent weapon requires a substantial amount of resources unlike the Face Breaker. You will need:

  • Aluminum: A lightweight yet strong metal, essential for the framework.
  • Circuitry: Crucial for the weapon’s energy discharge mechanism.
  • Crystal: Used in the precision components of the weapon.
  • Nuclear Material: The core element that powers the rifle’s energy blasts.
  • Plastic: Provides insulation and housing for various parts.
  • Screws: Essential for holding everything tightly together.
  • Steel: Forms the primary structure, offering durability and resilience.

Gathering these materials might seem daunting, but once you have them, assembling the Tesla Rifle becomes a straightforward task. Soon enough, you’ll be harnessing the power of electricity to take down your enemies in the wastelands of “Fallout 76.”

Stats and Performance

The Tesla Rifle boasts a high rate of fire and a large magazine capacity, though it has lower damage per shot compared to other energy weapons. It is also effective against enemies with energy-resistant armor due to its high energy damage resistance and armor penetration​​. The specific stats are:

  • Damage: 48 (energy)
  • Fire Rate: 40
  • Range: 120 or 228
  • Accuracy: 71
  • Weight: 8.2
  • Value: 409​

Combat Usage

In combat, the Tesla Rifle is best used against groups of enemies to maximize its chain lightning effect. Mods can be added to enhance its damage, range, or accuracy. Players should also be mindful of its ammunition usage, as energy cells can be scarce​​. Key combat strategies include aiming for the head for bonus damage, utilizing VATS for precision targeting, experimenting with mods for enhanced performance, maintaining a safe distance from enemies, and coordinating with teammates in team plays​​.

Mods and Customizations

Several mods are available for the Tesla Rifle to improve its stats and performance. These include:

  • Standard Capacitor: Increases damage
  • Charging Shotgun Barrel: Changes firing mode to shotgun-like spread
  • Charging Barrels: Increases range and accuracy
  • Reflex Sights: Improves accuracy
  • Suppressor: Reduces noise
  • Hair Trigger Receiver: Increases rate of fire
  • Aligned Stock: Improves accuracy while aiming
  • Overcharged Capacitor: Further increases damage
  • Electrified Barrel: Adds energy damage
  • Automatic Barrel: Changes firing mode to automatic​

Builds and Perks

Optimal builds for the Tesla Rifle focus on maximizing energy damage and accuracy, along with defensive capabilities. Effective perks include Rifleman, Bloody Mess, and Demolition Expert for damage; Concentrated Fire for accuracy; and Blocker and Dodgy for defense. Recommended armor sets for these builds are Unyielding and Vanguard, offering offensive and defensive bonuses. Mutations like Electrically Charged and Grounded can also be beneficial​​.


  • Best Legendary Effect? This varies based on playstyle, with popular choices being Two Shot, Explosive, and Anti-Armor.
  • Use in Nuclear Winter? Yes, it can be used in this mode.
  • Countering in PvP? Use armor with high energy resistance and strategic positioning.
  • Max Level? Level 50.
  • Farming for Mods? Complete events, craft at a weapons workbench, and purchase from vendors.
  • Difference from Gauss Rifle? The Tesla Rifle uses Fusion Cores and fires electrical arcs, while the Gauss Rifle is a ballistic weapon using high-velocity rounds​​.

Overall, the Tesla Rifle in “Fallout 76” is a versatile and powerful weapon, especially effective in situations involving multiple enemies. Its customization options and combat strategies make it a valuable addition to any player’s arsenal.

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