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Where To Get Master Seals in Fire Emblem Engage (Easy Way)


Fire Emblem Engage’s Master Seals are a precious and treasured commodity, providing players with the capacity to level up their units to Advanced Level. This allows them to increase base stats and provides countless other bonus features. Such an upgrade makes your unit unrivaled on the battlefield – it’ll be unstoppable. In this guide, I’ll tell you where to get Master Seals in Fire Emblem Engage.

How To Get Master Seals in FE Engage (Locations)

With Master Seals being hard to come by, it is essential that players carefully use the few they find within Fire Emblem: Engage. Below I have outlined methods for obtaining these coveted seals.

  • Somniel Shop
  • Finish Chapters

#1: Somniel Shop

If you’re in a hurry to get the Master Seals without any hassle, look no further than the Somniel Shop. Remember that not all seals will be available from there, as some purchases may be limited. Also, once you finish Chapters 13 and 17, the seals will be replenished. But once you’ve completed Chapter 18, there will be an unlimited supply of seals available at the shop. If you’re looking to purchase Master Seals, be sure to farm a generous amount of gold, as they will cost you 2500 Gold apiece.

#2: Finish Chapters

Not every chapter will allow you to acquire a Master Seal, as only specific designated chapters grant these rewards. For example, in Chapter 7, you will be rewarded with two seals for your hard work and diligence – one for completing the chapter and another for looting the treasure. And remember: these rewards are completely free. Furthermore, To obtain the coveted Master Seals, you must take down Marni in Chapter 16 and Veyle in Chapter 17.


Other Master Seal Locations

  • Location #1: In the prologue, stop the thieves from escaping when they unlock the chest.
  • Location #2: There are two master seals in Chapter 7, one inside a chest, and the other is a reward for beating Hortensia.
  • Location #3: A master seal is rewarded in Chapter 10 after beating Hyacinth.
  • Location #4: In Chapter 11, an archer stands near the exit that drops the seal when you beat him.
  • Location #5: In Chapter 13, you can purchase one from the Item Shop in Somiel.
  • Location #6: A master seal is rewarded in Chapter 16 after beating Marni.
  • Location #7: In Chapter 17, a master seal is rewarded after beating Veyle, and another one is available from the Item Shop.
  • Location #8: After Chapter 18, master seals are always available at the Item Shop.

How and When to Use Master Seals in FE Engage

Seals are hard to come by since they cost a lot of Gold. So you need to get the most out of it. Use the Master Seals on the unit you want to upgrade only when it reaches level 20. You can use master seals before level 20, but stats get capped since this is the max level. Using master seals at level 20 will break the cap and boost stats beyond level 20.

That’s all I’ve got for where to get Master Seals in Fire Emblem Engage. I hope you found this guide helpful! Now go out there, level up your units, and make them invincible. Want to read more about Fire Emblem Engage? Here are some guides you might like:

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