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Where to Get Bacon in Psychonauts 2


Finding Bacon in Psychonauts 2 is one of the early tasks in the game. You can use bacon to summon Ford in Ford’s Sanctuary. There are quite a few uses of bacon aside from summoning Ford. This is why exactly you need bacon in Psychonauts 2.

Psychonauts 2: Where to Get Bacon

To get the bacon in Psychonauts 2, you need to go to the Noodle Bowl in Motherlobe. Noodle bowl is the go-to restaurant for the majority of the people in the game. This restaurant is on the left side of the Psychonauts headquarters’ main entry point.

To be exact, it is located between the classroom and Ford’s barbershop. This is the first point, where you will be able to get that honey pepper boar bacon. The honey pepper boar bacon is the special item of the day when you visit the restaurant.

You could be able to get a substantial amount of honey pepper boar bacon from Noodle Bowl in Motherlobe. You can access the service counter to the left of the entrance of the restaurant. A lady will bring up some bacon for you, and you can continue your story using this bacon.

After this, you will be dragged into a cutscene, which specifically shows that Ford is still residing somewhere inside of Raz’s head. So, you can use bacon to summon him and continue venturing your journey in Psychonauts 2.

This is how you can get bacon in Psychonauts 2, and what are its uses. Need more help? See Ford’s Follicles Collectibles Locations, Hollis’ Hot Streak Collectibles Locations.

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