Zealot is one of the new Armor Sets that you can get in Remnant 2: The Awakened King. And while it is nothing extraordinary when it comes to stats., it goes really well with the new Ritualist archetype — fashion is the true endgame after all! Finding it, however, requires a bit of exploration. In this guide, we have detailed everything you need to know about finding the Zealot Armor in Remnant 2: The Awakened King.


Remnant 2: The Awakened King Zealot Armor

To start your journey for the Zealot Armor, you will need to head to the Forlorn Coast. Once you are there, you will need to delve into the Palace of the One True King. You should be able to see it above Nimue in her tower in the Forlorn Coast. Continue to navigate through the area until you reach the Palace of the One True King. You will need to head down a a stairway, and through a door heading back to the Forlorn Coast.

Once you are outside, you will come across an Mangled Atoner Aberration at the end of a bridge. After you have dealt with the enemy, continue to head down the tower until you reach a small camp with several hanging corpses. Among these corpses, you will spot one body suspended from a rope with the Zealot Armor set. Now simply shoot the rope to release the corpse, loot it, and the entire Zealot Armor is yours to keep.

Unique Interactions

While wearing the complete Zealot Armor, head over to the Preacher addressing the Dran, listen to the entire speech, and speak with him to get the Band of the Fanatic which increases Status Effect damage by 25% and decreases Status Effect duration by 65%.

Aside from this, head over to the Bridge Warden near the Mournful Promenade to get the Bridge Warden’s Crest.

This is everything we have on how to get the Zealot Armor set in Remnant 2: The Awakened King. If there is something else that you would like to add, be sure to let us know in the comments down below!