In the vast universe of Starfield, crafting and upgrading are essential components of gameplay. The workbench is a crucial tool for these activities, allowing players to modify and enhance their gear. If you’re wondering where to find a workbench in Starfield, this guide is here to help.


Workbench And Research Lab Location

There are two types of Workbenches in Starfield; Spacesuit Workbench and Weapon Workbench. You can find both of them including the Research Lab at the following location:

  1. Navigating to Jemison:
    • Start by fast traveling to the Alpha Centauri system.
    • From there, select the planet named Jemison.
    • Choose the landing site labeled “The Lodge.” This site serves as the base of operations for The Constellation faction. If you’re early in the game, you’ll be directed to this location during the first Main Mission, making it a hard-to-miss spot. Once you’ve visited, it remains marked for fast travel, ensuring easy access in the future.
  2. Accessing the Workbench:
    • Upon entering The Lodge, take a right turn.
    • Head down the stairs, leading you to the basement.
    • In this area, you’ll discover several workbenches ready for use. Additionally, a research lab is situated in the same room, providing further opportunities for crafting and experimentation.

Tip: Unlock the Scavenging Skill which allows your scanner to highlight nearby resources on every planet. Resources are a key part of crafting weapon and armor mods.

The Lodge’s basement in Jemison is a hub for crafting and research in Starfield. Whether you’re looking to modify a weapon, enhance your spacesuit, or delve into scientific research, this location has everything you need. Remember to revisit often, as new mods and upgrades become available throughout your journey in Starfield.


Note: You can build your own workbenches and research lands at the Outpost.