Where to Find Wolf Fang in Fortnite

Where to Find Wolf Fang in Fortnite

Fortnite offers so much more to its players in terms of cosmetic items. This time we got another item Wolf Fang, which is required for a player to have with them to complete one Spire Quests of Fortnite. In this guide, we will help you better understand how you can get your hands on this item. It is required to get Wolf’s Tusk, and when Raz asks you to craft a new costume. It will be needed alongside a Wild Boar’s Tusk and three Chicken Feathers.

Fortnite Wolf Fang Location

You will be prompted to get the Wolf Fang in a Spire Quest. There will be three items for you to collect in this quest: The Wolf Fang, Wild Boar Fang, and three Chicken Feathers.

Each of these animals appears in certain areas of the map and you will have to kill them in order to get the items. Such as to get the Wolf Fang, you will have to kill a Wolf and it will drop a piece of meat, bones, and Fang.

You will need to collect all of these three elements in this task. To get this task done with ease, we recommend you to use Hunter’s Cloak Cape, which makes it easier for you to get close to animals and deal a good amount of damage or kill them in one hit.

You will mostly find these wolves roaming around in Stealthy Stronghold and Colossal Crops, having this knowledge will make it far easier for you to get these items, and proceed to complete the quest.

After you have collected all the items, you will need to return to Raz in Colossal Crops to submit these items to him and finish the quest. For more help on Fortnite, feel free to check out our Fortnite wiki guides.

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