When playing “Lies of P,” you might get curious about one particular item: the Wedding Ring. This isn’t just any piece of jewelry; it’s a special item woven into the game’s rich storyline. But where do you find the Wedding Ring in Lies of P? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered! Our straightforward guide will show you the exact location of the Wedding Ring and walk you through each step to retrieve it. There are some choices tied to the Wedding Ring in Lies of P, each choice having a different outcome and consequence to the story, we’ll go into those as well.


How To Find The Wedding Ring In Lies Of P

The search for the Wedding Ring begins at Rosa Isabelle Street Culvert. After a battle with the flamethrower-wielding enemy, you’ll unlock the Stargazer. Upon unlocking the Stargazer, turn left and head up the staircases on the far side of the area. Your path is straightforward but maid puppets are lurking in the shadows.

The staircase leads you to a bridge overlooking a fiery chasm. Cross it, and you’ll find yourself between the familiar alley and a new area home to Harold Theater and Theodore Books. Immediately after the bridge, take a left and descend the stairs. At the bottom, a right turn reveals a woman in black, lifeless against the wall. This puppet, dressed in mourning, is Julian’s wife. The Wedding Ring lies beside her.

Choices and Consequences Of Using the Wedding Ring

Once you have the Wedding Ring, you are faced with a moral dilemma that affects the course of Julian’s narrative in Lies of P. Here’s a breakdown of the choices and consequences:

  1. Return to Julian: Once you have the ring, you must go back to Julian. Your encounter here isn’t as straightforward as a simple handover; you’re faced with a decision that alters the course of your interaction.
  2. The Lie: You have the option to conceal the truth about his wife’s fate. Choosing “I saw the message she left…” allows you to perpetuate Julian’s belief in his wife’s humanity. This choice results in Julian bestowing the Wedding Ring upon you, along with the “Sad” gesture, continuing his life in blissful ignorance.
  3. The Truth: Alternatively, you can shatter Julian’s illusion with honesty, selecting “I’ve never seen that happen before.” This revelation acknowledges the unusual nature of a human-puppet union, making Julian to retain the ring while rewarding you with a Radiant Ergo Fragment.

If you opt for truth and Julian keeps the ring, his story doesn’t end there. Post the King of Puppets’ defeat, you discover Julian’s fate — a suicide driven by grief, leaving behind the Bloody Wedding Ring for you to retrieve.

Whether you possess the Wedding Ring or its bloodied counterpart, it serves a purpose beyond its sentimental value. In a conversation with Polendina, you’re asked about the possibility of love between humans and puppets. Presenting the ring as proof, you affirm the existence of such a bond, influencing Polendina’s own love story.

The Wedding Ring quest in “Lies of P” is a poignant reminder of the game’s narrative depth, where players’ choices resonate with significant emotional consequences.