If you’re playing The Planet Crafter and looking to power your base with Nuclear Reactors, you’ll need to find Uranium. Uranium is one of the rarest materials in the game right alongside Aluminum, but it’s essential for generating the kind of power you need to terraform planets. In this guide, we’ll show you everything you need to know about Planet Crafter Uranium farming, including where to find uranium, how to mine uranium, and what to do with it once you have it in the Planet Crafter.


Uranium is a rare material that can be found in various locations in the Planet Crafter. It’s an essential component in Nuclear Reactors, which provide a far greater power output than Solar Panels or Wind Turbines.

To get the most out of Uranium, you’ll need to mine it using an Ore Extractor T2 or higher. There are only a handful of farming locations for Uranium in the Planet Crafter.

Where to Find Uranium Farming Locations in the Planet Crafter

There are several ways to find Uranium farming locations in the Planet Crafter. The first is to search for it in Storage Crates and other containers. As you progress through the game and increase the quality of loot in these containers, your chances of finding Uranium will increase.

Another way to find Uranium is to wait for Asteroids to fall from the sky. But there is way to speed up this process. Once you’ve unlocked the Launch Platform at 345KTi, you can launch the Asteroids Attraction Rockets into space to possibly trigger a meteor shower. This is considered one of the best ways to farm Uranium in Planet Crafter.

Depends how many rockets you can craft and shoot into space, this is essentially a method to unlimited Uranium farming in Planet Crafter.

Uranium Mining Locations

You can also find Uranium in the Planet Crafter is by using an Ore Extractor in the right location. There are two known Uranium locations in The Planet Crafter:

  • 586:35:-669
  • 1782:22:1940

Place an Ore Extractor T2 or higher at either of these locations, and you’ll be able to mine Uranium.

How to Mine Uranium in Planet Crafter

Once you’ve found a Uranium location, it’s time to start mining. The process is straightforward and similar to mining other resources in the game. Place your Ore Extractor at the Uranium location, and it will begin mining Uranium automatically.

Now that you’ve mined Uranium, it’s time to put it to use. As mentioned earlier, Uranium is an essential component in Nuclear Reactors. To build a Nuclear Reactor, you’ll need to craft Uranium Rods using the Uranium you’ve mined.

Once you have enough Uranium Rods, you can build a Nuclear Reactor and start generating power. Nuclear Reactors provide a far greater power output than any other power source in the game.