In Starfield, players encounter a plethora of weapons, each offering unique capabilities. Among these, the Shattered Shock stands out — a rare heavy weapon known for its formidable firepower and distinctive attributes. Unlike standard rifles or pistols, Shattered Shock offers explosive damage output, essential for dealing with tougher adversaries in Starfield.


Quest And Steps For Getting Shattered Shock

The Shattered Shock heavy weapon is tied to the UC Vanguard questline in Starfield. Here are the steps you need to take:

Your quest begins with the UC Vanguard questline, specifically during the “Hostile Intelligence” mission. This questline is pivotal as it sets the stage for the discovery of the Shattered Shock.

After initial briefings, the quest will take you to Londinion. Communicate with key characters like Commander Hatoum, Hadrian, and Kaiser to set your course.

Once on Londinion, your destination is the Abandoned Processing Plant. It’s here amidst the looming threat of Terrormorphs that you’ll find what you seek. Within the plant, your mission is twofold: collect Aceles Gene Samples and survive the Terrormorph onslaught. You’ll find three containers, each holding samples essential to your quest. Amid this task; one container holds more than just samples.

Shattered Shock crate location during Hostile Intelligence.
Here you can find the Shattered Shock inside this crate.

Shattered Shock: Stats and Overview

Here’s a detailed breakdown of its stats:

  • Weapon Type: Heavy Weapon
  • Damage Type: Physical
  • Base Damage: 127
  • Ammunition Type: 40MM XPL
  • Magazine Size: 6
  • Fire Rate: 5
  • Range: 48 meters
  • Accuracy: Approximately 76.3%
  • Mass/Weight: 6.70 kg
  • Value: 23,177 credits
  • Mod Slots: 3 (with additional compatible slots)
  • Rare Effect: Shattering – This effect allows the weapon to break through even the most formidable armor, making it exceptionally deadly.

The Shattered Shock is a ballistic heavy weapon, a unique variant of the standard Bridger, and comes pre-equipped with certain mods like the Long Barrel, Tactical Stock, and Short Scope. Its high physical damage, combined with the armor-piercing “Shattering” effect, makes it a valuable asset in late-game playthroughs. However, players should note the rarity and expense of its 40MM XPL ammunition, which may necessitate strategic use during crucial moments.

This weapon isn’t just about raw power; its specifications demand strategic handling, making the difference between mere survival and complete domination in the Starfield universe.

Best Secondary Weapons For Shattered Shock

To complement the Shattered Shock’s capabilities, it would be beneficial to have a secondary weapon that covers its weaknesses or adds versatility to your loadout. Here are some recommendations based on various weapon descriptions and general advice for pairing heavy weapons:

Rifles (Mid to Long Range Combat)

  • AA-99 Rifle:
    • Damage: 19 per shot
    • Rate of Fire: 112
    • Magazine Size: 30
  • Acid Rain Rifle:
    • Damage: 170 per shot
    • Rate of Fire: 50
    • Magazine Size: 9

Pistols (Close to Mid Range Combat)

  • Ace Sidestar Pistol:
    • Damage: 17 per shot
    • Rate of Fire: 40
    • Magazine Size: 17
  • Ambassador Pistol:
    • Damage: 39 per shot
    • Rate of Fire: 109
    • Magazine Size: 8

Shotguns (Close Range Combat)

  • Boom Boom Shotgun:
    • Damage: 55 per shot
    • Rate of Fire: 60
    • Magazine Size: 20
  • Brute Force Shotgun:
    • Damage: 75 per shot
    • Rate of Fire: 20
    • Magazine Size: 7

Heavy Weapons (Various Ranges and Situations)

  • Arc Welder:
    • Damage: 16 per shot
    • Rate of Fire: 76
    • Magazine Size: 100
  • Auto-Rivet:
    • Damage: 110 per shot
    • Rate of Fire: 15
    • Magazine Size: 10

Specialized or Unique Weapons

  • Cryo Mine (Throwable):
    • Damage: 1 per use
    • Type: Physical and Energy damage
  • Eternity’s Gate Rifle:
    • Damage: 17 per shot
    • Rate of Fire: 50
    • Magazine Size: 25
    • Type: Physical and Energy damage

That’s all you need to know on finding the Shattered Shock heavy weapon in Starfield.