Where to Find Nobles in Mount and Blade 2 – The Neretzes’s Folly Quests

Nobles in Mount and Blade 2

During The Neretzes’s Folly quests, you will be tasked to locate 10 nobels. In the guide, we will discuss all the nobles locations in Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord The Neretzes’s quests.

Where to Find All Nobels in Mount and Blade 2 – The Neretzes’s Quests

There are different methods you can use to locate the nobles in Mount and Blade 2. The locations are spread across the giant map of the game as you track down the nobles. Keep in mind that this won’t be a short quest so strap in. As you explore the map you should start looking for nobles. Nobles are characters with a blue “!” on them. These are very rare characters but there are certain locations where they often hang out. You can visit castles and ask the guard to open the gates and usually this process is free, however, sometimes they might ask for gold.

As you enter the castles you can find nobles in the Lords Room. If there are any Nobles here they will be marked on the World Map. If you see any nobles here you can go speak to them and get the information you need. Often the Nobel you are looking for is not at home as he is either out exploring, trading, captured by bandits, or gathering supplies. In such situations, you need to track them down and speak to them.  Move on to the next castle and speak to the noble and repeat the process.

That concludes the Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord nobles guide. If you need more information check out the Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord Wiki.

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