Lao Jiu is a 50 years old item which you will have to find if you want to acquire a Martial Arts move. The item needs to find in the mission with Sun. You will have to acquire for Sun as payment. This guide will include all the details about Lao Jiu and where to find it.

Where To Find Lao Jiu

The Body Check is a martial arts move that Sun agrees to teach you. But he has a condition which is that he wants you to bring Lao Jiu to him. To find Lao Jiu you will have to visit the Tao-Get Store. Go to the store and talk to the shopkeeper about the 50-year-old Lao Jiu. The shopkeeper will allow you to look around for it. Go around the store and you will find Lao Jiu to the right with a price tag of 2000. The only to get it is to buy it and after acquiring it you can go to Sun and give it to him.

Now acquiring so much money at the time is hard but we will discuss some ways to earn 2000 you need to buy the Lao Jiu. Firstly you can rent some fishing gear and go out fishing. If luck is on your side you might catch some big and unique fishes that will make you earn a lot of money in return. You can complete activities like chopping wood etc to earn some money. Lastly, you can explore the world and collect different kinds of herbs and sell them to shopkeepers who are keen on acquiring the herbs.