Where to Find Foxes in Medieval Dynasty

Medieval Dynasty foxes locations

In the world of the Medieval Dynasty, you need to collect a ton of resources. Some of the resources are only available through hunting animals. In fact, some quests require you to hunt certain animals and one such quest is “Into the Wilderness.” In this quick guide, we will explain where to find foxes in the Medieval Dynasty.

Medieval Dynasty: Where to Find and Hunt Foxes

Foxes are one of the smallest animals you can hunt in the game. They are smaller than rabbits and boars. The good news is that you don’t have to go very far to find foxes in the Medieval Dynasty.

You can find foxes east of the village of Gostovia. Head inside the forest and listen to the audio for hints of nearby animals such as foxes. You can hunt foxes by using a spear. It only takes one well-timed shot to kill a fox in the Medieval Dynasty.

If you still have trouble finding foxes you can visit out animal locations guide for more information. The guide will help you find pretty all types of animals in the game. You can also visit our Medieval Dynasty Wiki for more helpful content.

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