From the moment you step into the world of Atlas Fallen, you’re introduced to various armor sets. The simplest one, the work outfit, is already equipped on your character by default. However, as you progress, you’ll come across more intricate and ancient armor pieces that not only elevate your character’s style but also offer practical advantages.


Atlas Fallen Armor Locations

ArmorWhere to Find
Unnamed WorkwearThis is the basic outfit you start with. It’s simple, but it’s yours by default, representing your humble beginnings in the game.
Recruit GarmentAs you begin your journey, this armor is available for purchase. It’s an unmissable piece, marking your first steps into “Atlas Fallen.”
Scout’s GearReward for ‘The History of Shattered Keep’ side quest.
Knight’s PlateAs you tread the main storyline, you’ll play ‘The Path to Bastengar’ quest. Completing this quest will earn you this armor.
Preacher’s GuardReward for ‘The City of the Sun’ main quest.
Purger’s WarsuitCan be bought from Traveling Vendor in Castrum Seven.
Queen’s CoverCan be bought from the Citadel.
Deadeye’s AttireReward for ‘From Belief to Trust’ main quest.
Red CompanyCan be bought from Mining Village vendor.
Perennial MantleReward for ‘The City of the Sun’ main quest.
Rite of MireReward for ‘Ancient Armor’ side quest.

While finding every armor in Atlas Fallen is relatively straightforward, the real adventure begins once you have them. Each armor set can be upgraded to enhance your character’s stats significantly. This means that merely completing the story won’t hand you the best gear; you’ll need to invest time in optimizing each armor piece.

Tip: Finding every armor in Atlas Fallen becomes much easier and faster if you play with friends in coop.

One of the key features of armor in Atlas Fallen is the tiered upgrades. These upgrades provide Perk Points, which can be used to further enhance your character’s abilities. Additionally, when you equip Essence Stones to your armor, you gain stat bonuses. Some of these bonuses are particularly impressive. For example, there’s a customization talent that boosts your Idol’s energy simply by gathering materials in the game.


But it’s not all about stats and perks. Atlas Fallen also offers a range of dyes and cosmetics that allow players to personalize their armor. This means you can traverse the game’s scorched and wild landscapes in style, ensuring your character looks as impressive as their abilities.