After what felt like ages Everspace 2 is out now and during your early adventures, there is a section where you must find some distractors. These distractors are broken which means your base is completely exposed. You need to find all three and fix them to hide your base again. The problem is that there is no waypoint so you will have some trouble finding the one in Ceto Outer Rim. In this quick guide, we will discuss where to find the Ceto Outer Rim Distractor in Everspace 2.

Everspace 2: Where to Find Ceto Outer Rim Distractor Location

To find the Ceto Outer Rim Distractor head over to the Flying Dutchman station and you this location as your starting point. From there, look up and to the left to spot a shipwreck. To the left of the shipwreck, you will find a floating asteroid where you will find the Distractor. There are plants growing all over the Distractor, get rid of the growth to boost the Distractor signal in Everspace 2.

Once you boost the signal by getting rid of the growth, you will end up boosting the signal enough to complete the mission. You can head back and do other activities but it is better to explore this area, especially the shipwreck. There are power units inside the shipwreck and to the right of the ship beware of some minefields protecting the enemy base. You can easily take out the turrets and loot the nearby containers. However, as soon as you attack the mines enemy drones will appear. Meanwhile, it the main asteroid field you can find an escape pod that’ll give you another mission to complete in Everspace 2. And that’s all you need to know on where to find the Disruptor in Ceto Outer Rim.

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