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Enshrouded: How To Get Arsonist’s Bow Legendary Weapon


Arsonist’s Bow is one of the most powerful bows in Enshrouded which makes it a sought after legendary weapon. Even its base variant without any updates, is able to do a ton of damage at range. However, you can make up to 5 updates to this legendary bow to make it even better. Combine that with Ranger Skill tree and you got yourself a winner in Arsonist’s legendary bow. In my Enshrouded guide, I will help you find the location of Arsonist’s Bow.

Where To Find Arsonist’s Bow In Enshrouded

To get Arsonist’s Bow in Enshrouded you need to beat the Thunderbrute boss in one of the Elixir Wells. Here’s the exact location of the Arsonist’s Bow:

Arsonist's Bow location on the map.
Image via MapGenie.

Head on a trek towards the northwest. Here, ancient towers stand tall, located west of the Pillars of Creation lands and to the east of Fort Kelvin. Use your map for better navigation and pinpointing the exact location.

On reaching the tower, you will find a beacon at its base. This beacon is crucial for extending your Enshrouded Timer. In these shadowy zones, if your timer hits zero, it spells instant death for your character. To ensure a safe return in case of demise, use the beacon at least once to set your respawn point close to your starting location.

Prepare to descend into the shrouded area below where wooden structures and red Elixir roots. Your path is fraught with challenges, including a high stone wall that requires navigation around an arch with wooden boards to reach the Elixir root and the lurking Thunderbrute boss.

Along your path, you will encounter various enemies like spawn bugs, emerging from nests, and other creatures. Destroying these nests will prevent more bugs from appearing, but be wary of the area effect that drains your Enshrouded timer. Additionally, confront glowing flowers and flying ghosts with your wand and shield, keeping a safe distance while taking them down.

How To Beat Thunderbrute

Near the Elixir root, the mighty Fell Thunderbrute roams, accompanied by smaller foes. Avoid the deadly red lava rivers in this area. Engage in combat with the boss, exploiting their vulnerability to backstab attacks, and dodge their powerful strikes. Remember, the boss announces its attack with a growl, giving you the cue to dodge, jump, or run.

Upon defeating the Thunderbrute boss, you can finally claim your prize – the Arsonist’s Legendary Bow. Additionally, you’ll find valuable runes and the Thunderbrute head, which are essential for crafting later on. Don’t forget to destroy the Elixir root with your axe to gain skill points.

Arsonist’s Bow Damage, Bonuses, And Stats

Arsonist's Bow bonuses in Enshrouded.
  • Item Type: Ranged Weapon
  • Level: 11
  • Equipable: Can be equipped in the ranged weapon slot.


  • Power: 14
  • Max. Durability: 260
  • Draw Speed: 0.6 seconds
  • Arrow Speed: +7% increase

Special Attributes

  1. +2 Piercing Damage: This likely allows the bow to do additional damage that ignores or mitigates the target’s armor.
  2. Vicious: Increases backstab damage by 20%. This suggests that attacks from behind or sneak attacks will be more potent.
  3. Precise (x2): Increases critical hit chance by 5% (twice). This means that the bow has a heightened chance to deal critical damage on a successful hit.

Special Effect

  • Mana Leech: On hit, the bow leeches 5% of the damage dealt as mana, which probably means that the user can regain mana used for casting spells or abilities in the game.

That’s everything on where to find Arsonist’s Bow. Looking for more content? I recommend reading up on farming Salt, finding Torn Cloth and Metal Scraps, and increasing inventory space.

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