Are you struggling to find a shovel in Sons of the Forest? Look no further! The shovel is a crucial tool that can make or break your survival in the game. However, it can be challenging to locate it as it’s not readily available. Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. This guide will show you exactly where to find the shovel and how to get it.

Obtaining the shovel is not as easy as it seems. You may need to scour multiple locations before you can find the shovel.

How to Find a Shovel in Sons of the Forest

Location on the Map
Shovel Cave Location

Note: The cave system’s entrance can be found by using a zip wire and diving down.

In Sons of the Forest, you’ll need to navigate to a hidden cave in the middle of the map to get the shovel. There are three impaled corpses outside the cave, secured with wooden spikes, which are partially submerged in water.

To reach the shovel, you will need diving equipment and zip wires to descend deeper into the cave. The cave is swarming with hostile NPCs, so be prepared to fight them off or bring companions for backup.

A yellow vest-wearing exactor will eventually be found dead in the cave, where the shovel can be claimed. Although hard to find, the shovel is a game-changer in Sons of the Forest, helping you build and craft faster.

How to Navigate the Shovel Cave

Some items you’ll find outside the cave include rope and cloth.
What the outside of the cave looks like.

Important: You need some equipment to navigate the cave, including the rebreather, a source of light, a spear or something blunt to break into the cave, and the Rope Gun.

Sons of the Forest presents many challenges, especially when navigating dark caves filled with mutants. We recommend that you bring flares, a torch, and sufficient medical supplies and food to increase your chances of survival.

You must follow the clear path forward, which may have a few turns until you reach the Rope Gun at the end of the cave. Once you obtain the Rope Gun, jump down and exit the cave.

Inside the cave, use the Rope Gun to cross to the other side and descend into a deep water area. Search the bottom of the water area, and you’ll find the shovel. When you’ve got the shovel, you can leave the cave and start digging.

While the journey to the shovel and Rope Gun may be perilous, the reward is worth the risk. So, gear up and venture forth, but don’t forget to bring the necessary equipment and supplies to increase your chances of success.

That’s everything you need to know on how to get the shovel in Sons of the Forest.

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