Want to learn where to find the Pistol in Sons of the Forest? You have come to the right place. You can easily find the Pistol within first 20-30 minutes if you know where to look. Having a reliable weapon like a Pistol is almost a necessity as you progress further into the game and encounter harder enemies.

Pistol Location in Sons of the Forest

After crashing on the island, lay open your Emergency Kit on a flat surface. It contains different things you will need during your adventure including a GPS Tracker that we need to use. You need to equip the GPS Tracker and make sure it is zoomed all the way out. If you are zoomed out entirely, you will be able to see the edge of a purple icon with an exclamation mark on your GPS Tracker. This is spot you need to visit to find the Pistol.

Sons of the Forest GPS Tracker

Since you are always susceptible to an attack, it is best to revive Kelvin and have your Axe at ready. If you have no plans to return here, we also recommend scavenging the entire area before leaving. After you are ready to move, start heading down the mountain toward the river. You can drink water from the river if you get the “You are Thirsty” prompt. Keep on following the river until you reach the beach.

Sons of the Forest Boat

After arriving at the beach, you should be able to see a boat covered with a red tarp. This is where you will find the Pistol but remember that there are sharks nearby which is why it is better to save your progress before diving in. To save your progress, create a tent with 1x Tarp and 2x Sticks. If you salvaged everything from the crash site, you will have no difficulties doing so since Kelvin can collect Sticks for you. After saving your progress, swim to the boat, climb the ladder on the side, and collect the Pistol.

Sons of the Forest Pistol

Dealing with Sharks

If a shark or two show up near the boat, you can either just YOLO and try swimming to the shore or scare them with any weapon. Alternatively, you can just chill on the boat until they leave you be. Anything works, really!

Finding Pistol Ammo

As tempting as it is to blast your way through everything, you need to remember that ammo is very scarce in Sons of the Forest. And so, you must use it sparingly. Always try to explore caves, camps, open boxes, etc. if you ever run out. With the Pistol in your hand, it is time to find Virginia, easily the best companion in the game.

This is all we have in how to get a Pistol in Sons of the Forest. If you have any further questions, be sure to let us know!

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