Pillared planets are among the rarest planets in No Man’s Sky. These planets are unique in existence and have pillars all around them. You can pick substances of these pillars to study or you can mine some of them. These planets are exotic worlds, with unique lifeforms. This guide covers everything that you need to know about pillared worlds in No Man’s Sky.

No Man’s Sky Pillared World

The worlds feature pillars, which are called Glitching Separators. You can collect these pillars to showcase in your base and you will be the envy of other players, who might visit your base. These planets are found in the exotic biome, which means these are challenging to find.

If you are dedicated and motivated enough, you will find one in red systems. The red system has the highest probability of housing exotic planets, and there can be a pillared planet in these systems. When you are close to any pillared planet, it might just seem like a deserted planet or more like a moon.

You will have to scan the planet to find the truth, and once you do so, you will immediately realize that it’s an exotic planet, and the possibility is that it could a pillared planet. However, as mentioned before it is extremely hard to find an exotic planet, and even if you have found one, there are very slim chances that it’s a pillared planet.

Pillared planets come under the shards sub biome, which separates them from each other. In a more descriptive way, there are three biomes. These are Sharded, Pillared, and Columned.

Fortunately, if you have found a pillared planet, and you are the first one to be there, you can name it for other players to see and envy you. You might also get assigned to find a pillared planet in an expedition.

Finding these planets is difficult, but if you are lucky enough, you might found one, and take a trophy to your base for other players to see and envy you when they visit your base.

This is everything that you need to know about the Pillared Planets at No Man’s Sky. For more help on the game, feel free to check out our detailed No Man’s Sky wiki guides.

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