As you play through Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, you’ll be required to find a hover car to complete one of the side events. In this guide, we’ll show you where to find a car in DBZ: Kakarot. When unlocked, you’ll be able to use the car to participate in racing side quests.

Where to Find Car in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot?

In order to find a car, you’ll need to play through the game until you’re at the Android Saga. It’s during the Android Saga when you’ll unlock the hover car. Chi Chi will ask you to get a license. With the license in your hand, you’ll need to unlock a car.

During the Android Saga, you’ll need to find and talk to Bulma. She won’t only build your first Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot car, but will also unlock the R&D system. Using the R&D system, you’ll be able to build a car yourself and some other vehicles if you’ve got the required parts, which includes a whole lot of cash, iron, bolts, gear bearings, and axle shafts.

You can find car parts in different ways. You can buy them from merchants, find them in the world, and wish for them by collecting all 7 Dragon Balls. Once you’ve built yourself a car, you’ll need to learn to control it. Check out our Controls Guide to learn more about it, but you can press right/left on the D-Pad to switch between transportation modes and up/down on the D-Pad to summon/unsummon the car.

Where to Find Bulma?

Now that you know where to find your very own car in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, let’s talk about where to find Bulma as well. To find Bulma, you need to head over to the Capsule Corp. HQ in West City and you’ll find her. The said area is a part of different missions so you’ll have no problems finding it.

This is how you can get Chi-Chi and yourself a new car in DBZ: Kakarot. Check out our DBZ: Kakarot Guides for more helpful tips and tricks.

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