In Lords of the Fallen, the Blacksmith, Gerlinde, is an essential character who can significantly enhance your gameplay experience by upgrading your gear and applying runes for additional effects. However, finding her can be a bit of a challenge. This guide amalgamates information from various sources to provide a comprehensive path to Gerlinde.


Begin by heading right from the Vestige until you find a lift that leads back to the area where you first encountered the Hallowed Sentinel Byron. This lift is initially non-operational, and you’ll need to activate it by progressing through the game.

Where To Find Gerlinde In Lords of the Fallen

In “Lords of the Fallen,” finding the blacksmith Gerlinde is a bit of a trek but well worth the effort for the upgrades and services she provides. Here’s a more detailed breakdown of how to locate her:

  1. Starting Point: Begin your search by heading right from the Vestige. Your destination is the lift leading to the Bellroom, the very area where you initially encountered the Hallowed Sentinel Byron, the formidable foe wielding a shovel. However, this lift won’t be operational on your first visit, necessitating further exploration of the surrounding area.
  2. Activating the Lift: As you progress through the game, you’ll eventually unlock the ability to activate the lift. This is your cue to return to the area and use the lift, which is a crucial step in finding Gerlinde.
  3. The Bellroom: Gerlinde is hard at work in the Bellroom, located directly opposite the Vestige. This room is not only the site of your first meeting with Byron but also a pivotal location in your quest to find the blacksmith.

Path to Gerlinde

  1. Lift Directions: Upon exiting the lift, you have two paths. Heading right leads you towards a challenging boss fight with Gentle Gaverus, Mistress of Hounds. However, your path lies to the left, where the distinct sound of Gerlinde’s hammering will guide you.
  2. Gerlinde’s Workshop: Follow the sound of hammering and the bickering between Gerlinde and her “slave” Sparky, an immensely powerful being she’s managed to bind with magical manacles. As you navigate this area, you’ll notice an item on the beams to the right of the ladder — this is your landmark.
  3. The Cage: Carefully walk along the beams, and as you do, look downward. You’ll spot a massive cage, and inside, Gerlinde is toiling away. You can engage in conversation with her from this vantage point, and she’ll mention a key she needs for release.

The Confrontation

  1. Descent into Battle: To reach Gerlinde, you must drop down and confront several enemies. Prepare to face two hounds with armor so sturdy that your first strike will merely break their armor. Alongside these foes, a corrupted crusader presents a significant challenge.
  2. Obtaining the Key: Upon defeating these adversaries, you’ll automatically retrieve the Prison Cell Key from the fallen knight. This key is essential for freeing Gerlinde from her confinement.
  3. Freeing Gerlinde: With key in hand, approach Gerlinde’s cell. Unlock it, and she’ll finally be free, grumbling all the while.

Note: In this area, there’s a locked door that the Pilgrim’s Perch Key can open. Beyond this door, you’ll face formidable enemies, including a Crimson Rector. However, the rewards are substantial, particularly the Warrior’s Claw amulet. This valuable item is ideal for melee classes, enhancing physical damage output and reducing physical damage intake.

The Blacksmith’s Offerings

Once at Skyrest Bridge, Gerlinde will set up her workstation up the stairs to the left from the Vestige. Here, she offers a variety of blacksmithing services. She can upgrade your weapons, shields, and bows using Deralium, a scarce resource that you’ll find throughout your journey. Gerlinde is also proficient in applying Runes to your weapons, granting them additional powers and effects. This service costs Vigor and Deralium.Besides her blacksmithing skills, Gerlinde trades in weapons, gear, and runes, providing you with an opportunity to enhance your arsenal further.

  • Gerlinde is also known to be hidden near the end of Pilgrim’s Perch. You’ll need to defeat the boss Gentle Gaverus, Mistress of Hounds, to obtain the key to her cage in this area.
  • Always be prepared for combat, as the areas surrounding Gerlinde’s locations are rife with dangerous enemies.
  • Utilize Gerlinde’s services wisely, focusing on upgrading gear and applying runes that best complement your playstyle.