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Watch Dogs Legion players will have to choose the fate of Skye Larsen during Into the Void story mission. In this quick guide, we will explain what you should do with Skye Larsen and what will be the consequences of your decision. Skye Larsen’s fate is in your hands in Watch Dogs Legion. Keep mind that the following articles contain spoilers.

Watch Dogs Legion: Kill or Upload Skye Larsen?

During Into the Void, you will find out that Skye Larsen’s body is on life support. You will then have a choice where you can decide to either kill or let her live. There is a computer to your right that will kill Skye Larsen but on the left side lets her live. Depending on what you think about her vision and her cruel ways, you can either let her live or kill her.

It doesn’t really matter what you decide as it will only change the dialogue option you get.


What Happens If You Kill Skye Larsen

If you kill Skye Larsen Nowt will be pleased. The system will shut down and it will prevent Skye Larsen from uploading her consciousness which kills her in the process.

  • Nowt: Did good I’m proud of you mate.
  • Bagley: Nothing left to do now but take a few selfies with the corpse. Quickly though! Security is on the way.
  • Nowt: Be careful.
  • DedSec Operative: Oi, share with the class. What happened down there?
  • Player: Larsen’s Dead. It’s over.
  • Nowt: Thank fuck. One less liar in the world. Still, though… I can’t help but think of those AI she created. Lobotomized. Enslaved. Shit.
  • Player: There’s still a lot of work left. You up for doing that together?
  • Nowt: Don’t get soft on me now. This was a professional arrangement, let’s keep it that way.

What Happens If You Let Skye Larsen Live

If you let Skye Larsen in Watch Dogs Legion she will be able to upload her consciousness. Nowt will be upset and will berate you ask why you made this decision. When you leave the building Nowt will call you and apologize. She won’t abandon DedSec and you will still be able to do missions with her.

  • DedSec operative: Hey, care to tell us what happened?
  • Nowt: Your mate gave Larsen fucking immortality. Pathetic.
  • Player: I don’t like it but we can’t turn down help in any form. Humanity needs to be saved.
  • Nowt: Isn’t that supposed to be your fucking job? I can’t help but think of those AIs she created. Lobotomized. Enslaved. Shit.
  • Player: I understand your anger. But we can still help each other. There’s a lot to do. What’s next?
  • Nowt: You can fuck right off, that’s what you can do

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