The Callisto Protocol has redefined survival horror gaming by introducing the Contagion Mode. This mode makes the game extremely difficult but also very interesting to play. If you’re up for a real challenge and want to test your skills, you must at least try playing “Contagion Mode.”

It would be correct to call this mode the “Impossible Mode.” In this guide, I’ll comprehensively explain the Contagion Mode in The Callisto Protocol, how to unlock it, and what features are available.

How Can You Unlock Contagion Mode

The Season Pass is the only key to gaining access to Contagion Mode. This pass includes the following:

  • Contagion Bundle
  • Outer Way Skin Collection
  • Riot Bundle
  • Story DLCs

Developers locking the mode behind a paywall is annoying; the Contagion mode is fun to play, but $30 is a bit too much.

What’s New in Contagion Mode

Contagion Mode is a special mode in the game that features changes to make it more difficult and exciting so players can test their skills. You will have reduced ammo and health drops, but the most exciting part is permadeath.

Limited Health Drops and Ammo

In Contagion Mode, you will notice fewer Health and Ammo drops. This mode is intended to help you learn how to make the most of your resources while playing the game. Since there are limited health drops and ammo, you will usually rely on melee weapons to take down enemies. Only when you’re about to die should you consider using another weapon.

Customized Difficulty

Though unconfirmed, some spoilers allude to the fact that Contagion Mode will be the most difficult mode. Even this predicted mode will be harder than the Maximum Security mode, currently considered to be the toughest one. Only time will tell if events occur as forecasted.


The feature that makes the Contagion Mode tough is the Permadeath. Simply put, if you die in the game while playing Contagion Mode, your saved data will be erased, and you will lose all progress. Therefore to clear this mode, you will have to be extra careful and strategize properly.

Overall, the features of Contagion Mode in The Callisto Protocol are intended to test your skills as a player. However, we suggest waiting for a discount on the season pass before picking it up.

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