While creating your build and picking the best Valorplate in Godfall you will need to sort out your attributes. These attributes are Might, Spirit and Vitality. But what do these mean? In this Godfall attributes guide, we go over what Might, Spirit and Vitality actually do and why they are important.

What Do Attributes Do In Godfall?

Godfall Attributes

The following is what the three attributes do in Godfall:

  • Might is your DPS or damage per second. If you are looking to make a build that has a lot of damage then you need to focus not only on the damage of your weapon but the Might of your build as well. Might is going to determine the power of your attacks and the speed of your attacks.
  • Spirit is related to the cooldown of your abilities. The higher the Spirit you have for your build, the lower the cooldown of your abilities.
  • Vitality is basically your health or the amount of damage that you can take before you die.

Attributes in Godfall can be increased by using certain gear pieces. Gear pieces such as rings can increase certain stats. The higher the tier of the gear piece the more effects you get. The Ring Of Noxious Power shown in the image above is a rare ring. So not only does it have a leeching effect but it also increased takedown damage by 10%.

A common ring for example is only going to have a single effect but a rare ring is going to have two effects. These gear pieces also have a level requirement so you need to have the required level in order to equip them.

This is what the different attributes in Godfall do. If you are interested in completing the game 100% then you can check out our trophies guide.

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