Elden Ring is a masterpiece by the developers FromSoftware. The Elden Ring has some interesting new features embedded in it. Players will be discovering the Lands Between, and there is just a lot to discover in the game. So, there are two checkpoint markers in the game, Sites of Grace and the Stakes of Marika. This guide will explain everything about the Stakes of Marika in Elden Ring.

Stakes of Marika Explained

Stakes of Marika are the markers for your character to respawn after you are eliminated near any Stake of Marika; you will be respawned at the same location that you died in but at a safer site. This is a unique concept in games these days, and players can go to Stakes of Marika to use them as an alternative to the classic checkpoint site.

For the Sites of Grace, you respawn at the Site of Grace that you last visited. You should also know that you cannot save checkpoint at multiple checkpoint markers. These could be Sites of Grace or the Stakes of Marika; as soon as you interact with a new Stake of Marika, the last one vanishes automatically.

To clear out any confusion regarding the Stakes of Marika, these are only used to save your game, and you won’t gain any XP by finding these. This means that there is no level boosting or anything in finding these, but they are just a quality of life feature in Elden Ring.

This was all you need to know about the Stakes of Marika in Elden Ring. Need more help? See Flask of Wondrous Physick Location, Meteoric Ore Blade Location, Carian Retaliation Build.

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