Turning the oppressed population of London defiant in order to liberate them is the end goal of Watch Dogs: Legion. In fact, it’s everything the game is based around. London is divided into 8 boroughs in the game which you’ll need to turn defiant in order to complete the game. In this guide, we’ll explain how you can turn a borough defiant in Watch Dogs: Legion.


How to Turn Boroughs Defiant in Watch Dogs: Legion

You’ll learn about the defiant system quite early in the game – it’s the core element, after all. There are 8 separate boroughs or districts in the game. Each borough comes with its own unique flavor, culture, and set of activities. These activities or missions are essential to step-by-step progress towards the final objective i.e. turning the borough defiant.

When you open the map, you’ll see different activities or missions (with red icons) scattered all around a borough. Complete all of these activities to unlock a special mission. When you complete this special mission, the borough will rise from oppression and turn completely defiant.

To give you an example, the Borough of Camden will turn defiant as soon as you complete the mission “Clarion Call”. The mission unlocks after you complete all other required activities in Camden. The mission sees you complete a set of objective which lower oppression and increase defiance. These type of objectives will appear in every borough in one way or another. To list a few:

  • Digital Deface – Propagate against Albion.
  • Sabotage – Destroying consoles in hostile Albion territory.
  • Collect Evidence – Collecting evidence in hard or physical form.
  • Rescue Freedom Fighters – You can save an NPC that has been imprisoned.
  • Photograph Evidence – Capture photos of Albion related paperwork, plans, blueprints, etc.
  • Propaganda – Hacking digital billboards or news drones to display divergent information than that shown by Albion.
  • CtOS Hubs – Hacking different live-streaming consoles in your area to scan the live-streams for clues. You can access cluster data in this way.
  • Neutralize VIP – Defeating a marked special enemy also helps significantly to turn the population defiant. These enemies are also marked as red challenge Icons on the map.

Nearly 3-4 of the above-mentioned activities or objectives will appear in each borough across London and will be crucial to turn it defiant.


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