Watch Dogs Legion Restart Dedsec Walkthrough: Unlock Safehouse, Infiltrate Blume

Watch Dogs Legion restart dedsec

After you complete the first main mission, Operation Westminster, you will find yourself in the middle of the second mission of Watch Dogs Legion. The primary objective is to “Restart DedSec” and unlock the safehouse. As you enter the game, you are in control of a camera inside the Blume Data Center. DedSec is here to find information about remaining agents and recruit them for the cause.

Watch Dogs Legion Restart DedSec Walkthrough

At the start of the mission, you will be in control of a camera inside the Blume facility. You will then need to Hijack the Spiderbot to your right and take control of it. Move the Spiderbot forward and go through the opening in the wall. When you reach the next area, Hijack the terminal on the wall to lift the platform. Jump up on the next platform and reach top. Follow the yellow markers that take you to three ctOS Data Clusters.

Interact with each terminal with the Spiderbot. Once all three are hacked, DedSec will get the information required to recruit its first field agent. It is now time to select your first operative. You are presented with 15 options for first operative. You can consult our “best starting operative guide” to know which first agent should be your choice. The entrance to the safehouse is inside a bar (as seen in the picture below).

As soon as you enter the bar, you’ll see a private room in the front. However, the door is locked and you need to solve a puzzle to unlock it.

How to Solve the Network Bypass Puzzle

You need to rotate the nodes and complete the circuit to solve the puzzle. Rotate the one on the back wall first.

Now move to the node on the floor, near the main door.

Unlock one next node on the floor which will restore the flow. The next node is near private room door, on the floor. Unlock the node and rotate it as well just like the others.

Network puzzle solution 2

The last node in on the wall under the access pad of the door. Unlock the final node to disable the security system. Enter the private room and pull the lever to enter the safehouse.

The safehouse is underground, reach the bottom floor and take a left. Go straight and interact with the computer. The next objective to activate Bagley’s Servers. The servers are on an upper platform. Follow the yellow marker to reach the servers and activate Bagley.

The next objective to contact Sabine, you can do so by interacting with the hologram on a table in front of the black sofa to your right after you come back down from the platform. Again, follow the yellow marker. After you speak with Sabine, get your equipment and select the gadget you want to take with you. I suggest you choose the Spiderbot as your first gadget in Watch Dogs Legion. You can also customize your character’s appearance from the safehouse. Choose the right clothes and a mask to hide your identity. The last of the mission is to defeat Connie Robinson in a friendly bout. Leave the safehouse to complete “Restart DedSec” mission in Watch Dogs Legion.

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