Reporting for Duty is an extensive and multi-layered main mission in Watch Dogs Legion. Throughout this mission, you will be breaking into restricted areas, recruiting new operatives, and taking a truck for a long drive in London. Below you will find all the information you need to complete the Reporting for Duty mission in Watch Dogs Legion.

Watch Dogs Legion Reporting for Duty Walkthrough

Your first objective is to investigate SIRS AR Tech. The location is marked on your map, grab a ride, and reach the location. You will come across a restricted Albion facility but thankfully, you won’t be staying there for too long. At the entrance, Albion has placed walk-in doors that will trigger an alarm if you watch through them. To get in undetected use your AR Cloak tech. There are two main entrances to the facility. Use the one you see in the image below.


Enter through the red walk-in door but make sure to turn on your cloak. To your immediate right, there is a terminal on the wall that activates the SIRS data relay which allows Bagley to recreate past events. As you enter the courtyard, you need to follow the yellow marker to the back end into a small room that has the SIRS cTOS hub. Activate the hub and get out of the area.

Your next objective is to recruit a construction worker, follow the yellow marker to reach the construction site where you can find a construction worker. We recruited Jose Sapateiro but since all construction workers have the same skills, perks and abilities, choose whichever one you like. Speak with the worker and he will tell you about his debt. Head over to the marked location where you need to erase his debt from the server and clear the blackmail data.

Now go and meet Jose and tell him that he is debt-free. He will join DedSec and immediately you’ll shift to him. As Jose, reach the Heist location and summon the drone. You can jump onto the drone and fly around in Watch Dogs Legion. Your objective now is to use the cargo drone to steal the server. The server is on top of the marked building, it is a pretty simple process. Simply bring the drop on top of the server and it’ll attach itself to the drop.

Once you have the server deliver it to the truck at Nine Elms Walkway where you will meet another DedSec operative. In my case, it was Susan.

As Susan, download the AR data and take the truck to Buckingham Palace. Once you reach the location, go to the marked area and test the AR reconstruction. Get back in the truck and take it to the Piccadilly Circus where you need to download AR data one last time. However, cops and drones will be on to you so protect the AR data device from damage.

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