After you manage to complete Digging the Past you can finally jump into the next chapter with Lost in the Process. This is one of the key main missions in Watch Dogs Legion and in this walkthrough you will find tips and tricks to help you complete Into the Process.


Watch Dogs Legion Into the Process Walkthrough

The main objective of the mission is to locate a former DedSec member after rumors surfaced that they might be kidnapped. In Digging Up the Past mission you find out that Albion and Clan Kelley is abducting immigrant from European Processing Centre. You need to access the EPC and locate the former DedSec member, Angel Lopez. The following are the three main objectives of this mission.

  • Meet the Contact at the EPC
  • Access the EPC Database
  • Download the Clinic’s AR Data

Meet the Contact at the EPC

The EPC is marked on your map, go to the EPC and you’ll see that the front entrance is guarded by security lasers. The good news is that once you manage to get past the gate you are free to roam around the European Processing Centre. The main gate is the only restricted area. You can disable the security laser through the window and easily walk right past everything. The location of the EPC contact is marked on your map, follow the marker to reach them.

Access the EPC Database

Now that you can enjoy the freedom in no restrictions areas, it is time to enter some off-limit areas. Go to the western side of the EPC and to the right doorway, jump on top of some boxes. You can use the spiderbot to hack into a terminal to open a side door. If you don’t want to use the spiderbot you can choose to go directly to the EPC database using the spiderbot. Simply follow the marker with the spiderbot.


The left side of the restricted area has a stairway that goes to the top. Follow the stairway and find the database. Use the spiderbot to sneak through the vents. Inside the first building, you has a key that you must download. Keep going over the EPC database and spot the hardrive on a desk. Interact the drive to download the data and complete this objective of Lost in the Process.

Download the Clinic’s AR Data

The final objective of this mission will have you downloading the Clinic’s AR Data. Follow the mission marker to reach the clinic outside the EPC. Find the red panel on the clinic wall. Go up the stairs and down the AR data. You need to complete the Network Bypass puzzle to enter the clinic. Hijack the camera inside to start the puzzle. Once you complete the puzzle follow the mission marker to recreate the AR footage and complete the Lost in the Process mission in Watch Dogs Legion.