Watch Dogs Legion story takes a turn by the end of Into the Void mission. Into the Void walkthrough takes you through the entire mission, choices and consequences of killing or letting Skye Larsen live. You will find tips and tricks to help you complete this mission with ease.


Watch Dogs Legion Into the Void Walkthrough

Into the Void starts after you complete Coming Home. You will be searching for Skye Larsen at the Blume facility. There are multiple objectives for Into the Void. You find the list of the objectives below.

  • Hack Blume Server
  • Enter the Quantum Lab
  • Disable the Left Hemisphere
  • Disable the Right Hemisphere
  • Confront Skye Larsen in her Chamber
  • Escape Blume Complex

How to Hack Blume Server

Your first objective in Into the Void is to hack the Blume Server. Head into the restricted area of the Blume facility and use your hacker sense to scout the area. Hack a camera inside and then hack a ctOS camera behind the window. Head down into the open area and open a fan across. Go through the window and down until you reach a hackable fan. Go through the hackable fan and then hack the marked Blume server to trigger a brief video of Skye Larsen.

How to Enter the Quantum Lab

You need to find a way into the Quantum Lab downstairs. There are two ways to enter the lab but both paths are secure with laser scanner doors. You can distract the guard to climb around them. If you use the western door you will come across an office with a key inside. Grab the key but keep in mind that this key has nothing to do with Into the Void. However, it might help unlock other doors in the area. Follow the mission marker to reach the elevator without being spotted. The elevator will take you to the lab.


How to Disable the Left Hemisphere

You need to complete a Network Bypass puzzle here before you can proceed. Hijack a camera close to the mission objective marker. You simply need to interact with the panel to disable the left hemisphere to reveal a blue node. You need to solve the puzzle on the eastern side of the Blume facility to unlock the final node. Use the node to disable the left hemisphere.

How to Disable the Right Hemisphere

You will now see another marker to disable the right hemisphere. Use the marker to trigger another Network Bypass puzzle. Use the ctOS drone to solve the puzzle and unlock the node. Interact with the node to disable the right hemisphere.

Confront Skye in Her Chamber

Go through the door and after a short cutscene, the body inside the tube is revealed. You can either kill Skye Larsen or let her live. Visit our Skye Larsen choices and consequences guide to know how your decision impacts the game.

Escape the Blume Complex

The final objective of Into the Void mission of Watch Dogs Legion is to escape the facility. You can use the elevator to escape but if you die, you will still complete the mission and spawn as a different operative outside the Blume Facility.



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