At the very beginning of Watch Dogs Legion, your main objective will be to restart DedSec. After you steal data from the Blume institution, you need to find the safehouse. We have covered the location of the safehouse in our restart DedSec walkthrough. However, even if you find the safehouse, you can’t access it unless you turn off the security systems inside the bar to unlock the private room. Here’s how to solve the safehouse Network Bypass puzzle in Watch Dogs Legion.


How to Solve Network Bypass Puzzle and Enter the Safehouse in Watch Dogs Legion

As you enter the bar with the hidden DedSec safehouse, you will notice a private room in front of you. The room has an electronic door and is locked with a security system. To solve the Network Bypass puzzle, you must rotate nodes and complete the circuit. Rotate the note that is to the right of the locked door.

Now go and rotate the node on the floor in front of the main door.

Unlock the node next to the previous one and then move to the node that is on the floor in front of the locked door. Once it’s unlocked, rotate the node to further complete the circuit.

Network puzzle solution 2

The final node is under the access pad of the locked door. Unlock the node to access the private room. Enter the room and pull the lever to your left to open a secret door that leads to the safehouse underground.

And that’s how you solve the Network Bypass puzzle and enter the safehouse in Watch Dogs Legion.