Gadgets are the backbone of your operations in Watch Dogs: Legion. Unlocking and upgrading these gadgets requires Tech Points and you’re surely going to need a lot of them if you want to improve your overall gameplay experience. In this guide, we’ll explain how you can get Tech Points in Watch Dogs: Legion.


How to Get Tech Points in Watch Dogs: Legion

Tech Points are scattered all around the 8 boroughs of London. You just need to discover their specific locations and there’re up for grabs. Although, finding them is the tricky part as they can be anywhere – hidden under cars, inside locked rooms, on top of buildings, simply sitting in plain sight in restricted areas, etc.

Each time Tech Points are available to pick up in your vicinity, they’ll show up as green little icons that have the shape of a rhombus. Also, each pickup will award you with 10 Tech Points which you can then spend on Gadgets, Hacks, Weapons, and Upgrades in the main menu. You can conveniently just do the story missions and pick Tech Points up each time they appear in the area you’re exploring.

The best way, however, to get your hands on Tech Points in Watch Dogs: Legion is turning a borough from Oppressed to Defiant. Doing so will reveal the location of all available Tech Points in that borough. You can then pick them up all at once and spend them like a madman. You shouldn’t though, they’re a rare and limited resource, and we advise saving some up for the harder times ahead.

Another thing worth noting is that Spider-bots can pick Tech Points up for you. If an area is physically impossible or harder to reach, you can always use Spider-bot.

This is pretty much all we’ve got in how to farm Tech Points in Watch Dogs: Legion. You can check out our detailed Watch Dogs: Legion wiki guides for more help on the game.