Watch Dogs Legion Clan Kelley’s New Export Walkthrough Guide

Watch Dogs Legion Clan Kelley new export

Clan Kelley’s New Export mission starts right after you complete Lost in the Process in Watch Dogs Legion. Below you will find a step-by-step guide to completing Clan Kelley’s New Export in Watch Dogs Legion with additional tips and tricks. If you wish to have more help with the game check out our Watch Dogs Legion Wiki.

Watch Dogs Legion Clan Kelley’s New Export Walkthrough

You start Lost in Process in an attempt to find Angel Lopez and the same objective transition’s into Clan Kelley’s New Export. You need to find more information about the microchip inside Lopez so you must visit the Southwark Incinerator. The following are the list objectives you need to complete the Clan Kelley’s New Export mission in Watch Dogs Legion.

  • Search For Ángel at Southwark Incinerator
  • Investigate the Basement
  • Search For Ángel López
  • Leave Southwark Incinerator

Search For Ángel at Southwark Incinerator

When you reach the Southwark Incinerator you need to hijack the camera to progress the mission. Download the surveillance data and then bounce around to the different cameras to mark nearby enemies. There are multiple doors that lead to the inside of the building. When you reach the main room head upstairs to where the data is held inside a computer. The door will be locked but locate the Closed Circuit Terminal nearby to hack open the door. Once the door is open head to the mission marker to down the data from a laptop computer.

Investigate the Basement

Even though you have the data Bagley can’t find a camera in the Southwark Incinerator basement so you need to go down there yourself. The entrance of the basement is to the Southern side of the building. You can follow the marker to easily find the location. When you reach the basement a cutscene will trigger and you’ll meet Kaitlin Lau. She is the same officer you hear of in Digging Up the Past mission.

Search For Ángel López

You need to explore the basement yourself and head to the doorway where Lau is. You will hear some noises, go down the hall to the left of Clan Kelley member who is sawing a dead body. You will see another room at the end of the hallway and two guards. There a hard drive across the room on a table you need to grab for Lau. Takedown the whistling NPC and take pictures of dead bodies for Bagley to ID. One of the dead bodies is Angel Lopez.

Leave Southwark Incinerator

The final step of this mission is to leave the area. Head outside to exit the mission area and complete Clan Kelley’s New Export mission in Watch Dogs Legion.

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