Wasteland 3 The Warrens Walkthrough – Limerick Clues Locations

Wasteland 3 The Warrens

As you progress in The Bizarre main mission you will eventually come across The Warrens, a section of the area controlled by the Payaso gang. In this guide, we will take you through The Warrens area and complete quests available here.

Wasteland 3 The Warrens Walkthrough

Inside The Bizarre Interior, you will come across Flab the Inhaler who is the leader of the Monster Army Faction. Inhaler needs you to take care of The Warrens. To access The Warrens you can use the plaza exit. At The Warrens, you will meet an NPC named Gwynplaine who will ask for your help with a certain smelly situation. The quest item you need for Gwynplaine is a perfume if you don’t already have one you will get it in a short while.

You will also meet DJ RIP at The Warrens who asks you a question about Ghostbusters. The answer is “false,” tell that to him and he will give you the Sonic Emitter weapon. Now it is time to jump into The Warrens den that is infested with the Payso gang. Go past the gate to reach The Warrens where you will find narrow pathways with enemies inside. The Warrens quest objective in this area is to locate “limerick clues” spread across this area.

Limerick Clues Locations

There are 3 limerick clues you can find, below are the locations.

  • Loot the dead Payasos in the playground
  • Through the dining room area, fight Payasos and one of them will drop a Limerick
  • Go to the generator area and the storage room area. Fight some Payasos inside one of the rooms

Now use the norther pathway to reach a large metal door with a terminal. Use the limerick clues to input at the terminal. Enter the door to fight a ton of enemies, take them down and pick up the loot. Here you will also find Ditso Gogo’s Safe Key.

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