Wasteland 3 The Bizarre Walkthrough – Save Refugees, Explore Bizarre

Wasteland 3 The Bizarre

The Bizarre is one of the main missions in Wasteland 3. In this mission, you will be put up against the Monster Army in their stronghold. Monster Army is a major faction in Wasteland 3. In this guide, we will explain how to complete Wasteland 3 The Bizarre stronghold mission.

Wasteland 3 The Bizarre Walkthrough

Kick-off The Bizarre main mission by having a conversation with Ananda Rabindranath. Usee Kick-Ass (6) to get the Fancy Suit and information on how to enter The Bizarre. There are two main ways to enter the mission area. One is that you get someone to vouch for you, the next is that you find yourself an entrance pass.

You can get Paris Handler to vouch for you after you help Handler make red dye. To get to Paris Handler you need to follow Ananda to the Hopefuls area. You then get the quest to save The Bizarre residents. Complete the quest and Ananda will go to the Ranger HQ. Now speak with The Great Gurn and have a conversation about his prophecies to get the Red Locker Key.

Save the Refugees

Now comes the part where you meet Paris Handler. Help her create a red dye by using the desk nearby. You need Weird Science (6) to make the red dye. Give Paris Handler the Red Dye and she will vouch for you at The Bizarre.

Once you enter The Bizarre there is an exterior section that has some robots uphill you can fight. There is a bridge guarded by minions of Lewis Stenerud who is the leader of the smugglers. No matter what you do his men won’t back down so prepare for a fight. After the fight, you get the key to the Refugee shed. Find someone to take the refugees to a safe location, Ananda will guide you to Pareidolia Jones who can get the job done. Keep mind that if you go back to the world map before completing this mission all refugees will die. To save the Refugees in The Bizarre access the Interior and speak with Pareidolia Jones.

Exploring The Bizarre Interior

After the battle, you can enter The Bizarre interiors. You can use the main entrance to access The Bizarre Interior. As you enter speak with the residents of The Bizarre Interior so you can understand their roles and how they can be beneficial to your cause.

  • Eidilon: The owner of an adult entertainment place who offers the Monster Army Bunker quest.
  • Randy Gett: A mechanic who can be recruited for your Ranger HQ if you can complete the Gett Family Homestead side quest.
  • Sanctified Piscatelli: Weapons expert.
  • Long John: Generic NPC, not useful in-game.
  • Masato: Can cook food and will join the Ranger HQ in exchange for some Ramen Noodles from the vending machine at The Warrens.

You can find Pareidolia Jones here who will ask for $300 to help the refugees. You can pay Jones or use Barter (6), Kiss-Ass (7), or the Rubber Ducky quest item. If you manage to make a deal with him you can head back to Colorado Springs and speak with Gideon Reyes or Mama Cotter. However, before you leave make sure to speak with Flab the Inhaler to complete The Bizarre quest objective.

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