Wasteland 3 Skill Books Locations Guide – Find All Skill Books

Wasteland 3 Skill Books Locations Guide

Wasteland 3 has a ton of skill books spread across various locations. You can find them all to unlock trophies and achievements as well as certain effects for your character and party. In this guide, we will take you through all Skill Books locations in Wasteland 3.

Wasteland 3 Skill Books Locations – Where to Find All Skill Books

Wasteland 3 has plenty of Skill Books so it may take some time to find them all. These collectibles are consumables that offer special boosts and effects. The following is the complete list of Skill Books you can find in Wasteland.

The Locksmiths Companion

After you recruit Hope Emerson go to the Jail where you will find this Skill Book inside a desk. The Locksmiths Companion gives your character +1 Lockppicking in Wasteland 3.

The Shade Tree Mechanic

Go to Colorado Springs and locate the Machine Shop. Inside the Machine Shop, there is a locker with The Shade Tree Mechanic Skill Book. The Shade Tree Mechanic book gives you +1Meechanics.

Tippy Toes

Go to the Little Vegas Casino and find the Delgado cell. Next to where Delgado is held, there is a chest with the Tippy Toes Skill Book. This one gives your character +1 Sneaky Shit.

Kumite: A History

During one of the first missions in Wasteland 3 you will visit the Garden of the Gods where you’ll find the Bellamy Wards Workshop. You need Mechanic level 3 to enter the shop and take the Kumite: A History book which gives you +1Brawling.

The Red Wire or The Blue Wire

Go to Arapaho Caravan and head inside the building to your right. You will find the book in the chest. The Red Wire or The Blue Wire gives you +1 Explosives.

The Infantrymen’s Bible

You need to save the Hoon Homestead in the Heads of Tails side quest in Wasteland 3. After you save the Homestead, visit the location and loot a corpse there to get The Infantrymen’s Bible Skill Book. This one gives you +1 Automatic Weapons.

Grey’s Anatomy

During the Lords of War mission, you can find Grey’s Anatomy book inside one of the bunkers. You will find it on top of a pile of books in the flooded room of the bunker. Grey’s Anatomy gives you +1 First Aid.

Fix It

The Fix-It Skill Book can only be bought from Ananda Rabindranath after you recruit him for Ranger HQ. Fix-It gives your character +1 Toaster Repair.

The Brooklyn Bridge

Complete Denver’s main mission and obtain a side quest from that area. Complete the side quest to get the world map that shows a mine with The Brooklyn Bridge skill book inside. The Brooklyn Bridge gives you +1 Barter.

Negotiated Settlement

Look inside the Church at the Broadmoor Heights. The Negotiated Settlement skill book gives you +1 Kiss Ass.

Be the Dog

Look inside the Denver airport for this book. Be the Dog book gives you +1 Animal Whisperer.

The Drill Sergeant’s Phrase

Go to the Bizarre and complete the Nightmare in that mission to get The Drill Sergeant’s Phrase skill book as your reward. Once you get the book you acquire +1 Hard Ass.

The Red Wire or the Blue Wire

Whether you decided to side with Hoon Homestead of Arapaho Caravan, you need to visit Arapaho Caravan and head inside the right-side building to find the skill book inside a chest. This book gives you +1 Explosives.

The Shade Tree Mechanic

You need to head over to the Machine Shop area and look for the skill book inside the lockers. Get this book to acquire +1 Mechanics in Wasteland 3.

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