There are hardly any puzzles in Wasteland 3 but when you do come across it the developers made sure you have your work cut out. Soon after you start playing Wasteland 3 you will come across thee lover letter puzzle. In this guide, we will explain how to solve the Love letter puzzle. You find the love letter with tiny puzzle attached to it and your job will be to find clues and get the reward.


How to Solve Love Letter Puzzle in Wasteland 3 – All Clues Locations

You need to get the lockpicking skill to get the Love Letter Puzzle so make sure you unlock this skill. Once you have the lockpicking skill you can head over to the clothing store in Downtown Colorado Springs. The Love Letter is inside the safe which is open through lockpicking. The Love Letter will give you the first clue but also mentions a park where you can find the next clue. The park is in Downtown, in the Broadmoor Heights, west side of the area.

You can access the park through the main story or get Lucia Wesson as your party member. Once inside the park, you need to locate a digging spot near the west wall. Dig the spot to get the second love letter. There are more letters to find that lead to the treasure spot. However, you can directly go to the treasure spot and get your rewards. Go to the Northside of the park, near the stairs you will see a tree. Talk to the tree and use lockpicking (6) to open the treasure. This will solve the love letter puzzle in Wasteland 3.