Wasteland 3 Full House Main Mission Walkthrough – Recruit Doc Parker

Wasteland 3 Full House

Wasteland 3 is an excellent RPG that puts a lot of focus on story missions as well as side activities. Not many RPGs shine in the story department but that’s not the case with Wasteland 3. One of the main missions in Wasteland 3 is called Full House. In this guide, we will explain how to complete the Full House main mission in Wasteland 3, and how to recruit a doctor for your HQ. You need to speak with Austin Pease and Doc Parker during the Full House Main Mission.

Wasteland 3 Full House Main Mission Walkthrough

There a few things you need to do before you are able to head out into the Wasteland. Go in the HQ and speak with Marshal Kwon, ask Kwon to join your outfit. Now head over to the garage to access your vehicle, the Kodiak. Use the Kodiak to reach Downtown Colorado Springs.

Speak with Austin Pease – How to Save Austin

When you reach the Downtown area you will meet a woman who needs your help. Speak with her and you’ll know how her son is being wrongly imprisoned and sentenced to death. Go and speak with her son, Austin Pease up on the platform. When you speak to Austin he will explain the same story so you can skip most of the conversation with him. Well, your objective will now be to save Austin, which means you need to Kiss Ass; not literally though. Use your Kiss Ass (4) skill or spend $200 to save Austin in Wasteland 3. When you manage to save Austin Pease your reputation with Wastelander Refugees is increased by 5. After the successful negotiation go and speak with Austin who’ll run back to the HQ.

Doc Parker – Recruit Doc Parker, Get Supplies, Defend Casady’s Shop

Your next objective is to head West of the Downtown Square and speak with Josiah Casady. He wants you to defend his shop which is only possible if you are successful in combat and can keep him alive. Once you save his shop he’ll send you over to Doc Parker. Casady will also give you $53 alongside an invitation to return to his shop. You can find Doc Parker to the east of the market square, northwest of Colorado Springs. Parker needs an injury kit, Suture Kit, and Medic Packs. At this point in Wasteland 3, you should have plenty of injury and Medic Packs. If if you don’t have these items you can find all of them from Mary in the market. Get the items and go back to Doc Parker to give him the medical supplies. Doc Parker will take the supplies and get back to his patients but he’ll ask for your help. You will need First Aid 1 to successfully complete this part of Full House but if you don’t have it, Parker will take care of the patients himself.

Parker will then ask to use your HQ to shift his clinic, accept and you’ll get medical services at your HQ. This is how you recruit a doctor Parker in Wasteland 3.

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