Inxile Entertainment is the creator of Wasteland 2, The Bard’s Tale, and is currently working on Wasteland 3. The game has been in development for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. But either Wasteland 3 is coming to next-generation consoles or there is a brand new role-playing game in development at Inxile Entertainment.

We were able to spot a few new job listings from Inxile Entertainment. Each of the job listings mentions “next-generation” consoles. Let’s go through the job listings and see what we can find out about the new game.

Lead Designer

InXile Entertainment is looking for a talented, motivated, and experienced Lead Designer for a next-generation role-playing game. The ideal candidate will be a passionate and creative innovator with experience leading and managing design teams, combined with a proven track record in developing compelling and engaging experiences in modern RPGs. Working directly with the Game Director and other project stakeholders, the Lead Designer is expected to drive major gameplay and storytelling features of the title and implement them to a high level of quality. This is a rare opportunity to lead a design team in creating an immersive and compelling role-playing game with some of the industry’s most well-known gamemakers and storytellers.

Lead Software Engineer

inXile entertainment is seeking a talented and enthusiastic Lead Software Engineer to join our team on an exciting unannounced RPG project.Working with the Game Director and other project leaders, the Lead Software Engineer is responsible for creating the technical roadmap that will bring the game’s vision to life. The ideal candidate will have proven experience in developing multi-platform next-gen role-playing games, while providing technical mentorship and guidance for a team of engineers. Does this sound like you? Come and join us!

Lead Environment Artist

inXile is seeking an experienced Lead Environment Artist to join our world class team working on a next-generation role-playing game.

The ideal candidate will have extensive experience in creating immersive worlds, collaborating with engineers, artists and designers to create visually stunning environments that support fun and engaging gameplay.

With strong leadership skills combined with an uncompromising eye for quality, the Lead Environment Artist will help create the unforgettable world of inXile’s next great RPG. Does this sound like you? Come and join us!

One of the job listings mentioned “unannounced” RPG , so we can rule out Wasteland 3 since it has been announced for almost 3 years.

Multiple developers are working on games for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett and the least these listings give us confirmation that  Inxile Entertainment is one of the studios already creating next-gen experiences.

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