Wasteland 3 Cornered Rats Mission Walkthrough – Recruit Hope Emerson

Wasteland 3 Cornered Rats

One of the very early missions in Wasteland 3 is Cornered Rats. Once you complete this main mission you can fully exit the HQ and enjoy the post-apocalyptic outside of Wasteland 3. In this guide, we will explain how to complete Wasteland 3 Cornered Rats main mission, and Recruit Hope Emerson.

Wasteland 3 Cornered Rats Main Mission Walkthrough

Speak with The Patriarch to get the Cornered Rats mission/quest. You can find The Patriarch during the Home Away From Home mission. Go in the opposite direction of the command room and past the Colorado Springs to reach the marker on the ground.

Speak With Daisy

When you reach the yellow marker you will get details on the wasteland and get the ability to recruit companions for your HQ. Your very first recruit will be Doc Parker in the Full House mission. You will get the Brig Warden during this mission so speak with Daisy after getting briefed on the wasteland. Sherrif Daisy Warden is in Downtown so use the Kodiak to reach her. Reach Downtown and find the Marshals’ Station. Inside the station, you will find Daisy in the back end. Before you reach Daisy speak with Lucia Wesson at the station entrance. Wesson will ask for your help, she wants to know what happened to her family. Now go and speak with Daisy who wants to rid of Dorseys in the Garden of the Gods. Daisy will want to bring along Lucia, you should accept her request.

Kill Darseys at the Garden of the Gods

Your next objective is to kill the Darseys at the Garden of the Gods. The Garden to the north. When you reach the location, speak with Marshal Lupinski or open the locked gate using your Lockpicking (6). As you enter, Bellamy Ward will request you to deal with the problem at hand, Darseys. When you agree to help Bellamy Ward you’ll gain +1 Reputation with Hundred Families. You will then be taken to the Garden of the Gods where Darseys await. Kill all of the Darseys and head north. To your right, use the power generator to open the gate. You’ll need Mechanics (2) to unlock the gate. There is some loot in this area, Bellamy Test tape, and Dynamic Cross-Photon Matrix.

Head north and fight The Beast Master and his minions. The best way to kill The Beast Master is to focus on the main enemy but when three enemies rush you, it is recommended that you use group attack (Flamethrower). There is another fight waiting for you on the west side, Waste Wolves. Now head South and locate Keen Karen, a Creepy Doll.

There is a mass grave at the center of the map, examine the graves. Go north from this location where you’ll find Isaac Reed who had a hand in the deaths Lucia’s family. It is up to you how you want to handle Isaac Reed. You can have him arrested which will piss off Lucia but she will come around later and will ask you to find others who were responsible.

Now you can get back to Daisy to get Merc Armour Set and +5 Reputation with the Marshals. You can tell Daisy that you are on the same side to get an additional Reputation point. The completion of Cornered Rats is how you recruit Hope Emerson for your Ranger HQ in Wasteland 3.

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